BPKH Written Update 22 September 2022: After knowing the truth from Indu, Zoon plans to leave CAA


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd September 2022 Written Update: After knowing the truth from Indu, Zoon plans to leave CAA


At the start of today's episode, we see Indu looking at Zoon who is enjoying the party and she gets emotional. Zoon gets paint in her hand with a smile on her face. Ritesh looks happy seeing Zoon happy.

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Indu looks at Zoon and thinks that even though Zoon is near her she is unable to reach her and then wipes her tears. Just then two kids come there and fight for the juice box which spills on Zoon.

Seeing this both Ritesh and Indu rushes to Zoon. Before Indu could say something Ritesh asks Zoon if she is fine.

Zoon tells him that her dress got spoiled. Ritesh tells her not to worry saying they can buy her a new dress if she wants.

Then the kids come there and demand Ritesh to take photos with them right away, while Ritesh looks helpless. Indu signs at him that she will take care of Zoon.

Ritesh tells her that he isn’t sure about it, but Zoon assures Ritesh that she is fine and willing to go with the clown. Indu brings Zoon to her room and helps her clean her dress.

Zoon tells the disguised Indu that she reminds him of her mother and she wants to meet her mother. She further asks if she is a clown which means she must know magic right?

Zoon pleads with her to do magic so that she can meet her mother. Indu signs at her to close her eyes. Zoon obliges and tells her she will count till five and starts counting it.

Zoon then opens her eyes and gets shocked to find no one there. Indu then appears in front of her. Zoon gets happy and hugs her and Indu also gets emotional and hugs her back.

On the other side, Sameer sees Kadambari in a society where Indu lives. Kadambari talks to Mr Kapadiya who is her father’s lawyer that she wants to meet him immediately and calls him to her office over the phone call.

Kadambari then calls one of her employees and tells him to cancel the meeting then gets into her car and drives off from there.

Sameer wonders what is Kadambari doing here and then he recalls Kadambari’s reaction to seeing Indu in the MRTO office. He decides to find out what is the connection between her and Indu.

In the CAA centre Zoon questions Indu why she didn't come to meet her earlier. She also asks her if she troubled her so much that why she left her here and apologises to Indu.

Indu gets shocked and tells Zoon she didn’t make any mistakes. She also apologises to her for leaving her here. She then tells her she will soon take her with her to their house.

Zoon tells her that she won't want to stay here and why she has to stay here when she is her mother. Indu hugs her closely and cries hard and wonders how she is going to reveal to Zoon the truth.

On the other side, Tushar sees Vivek and questions him for disguising himself as a clown. Vivek pleads with him not to tell anyone anything and takes him away promising he will tell him the truth.

Kaamna gets shocked seeing Vivek and realises the other clown must be Indu so she gets furious and decides to do something.

Indu looks at the photo frame of Lord Krishna and his mother Yashoda. She shows that to Zoon. She then starts telling her the story of Lord Krishna Devaki and Yashoda.

Indu tells Zoon that Devaki knows if Lord Krishna stays with her then he will be in huge trouble so she made sure Lord Krishna has to lead a happy and safe life hence Yashoda become Lord Krishna’s mother and brought him up.

Indu then tells just that Lord Krishna Zoon also have two mothers and she is her Yashoda maa. Zoon gets upset and removes her hold from Indu.

Zoon then tells that means what Kaamna told her is true and that Indu isn’t her real mother.

Indu gets shocked and hugs Zoon closer and tells her that she is her daughter and pleads with her to talk to her and cries hard but Zoon remains the same.

Kaamna realises both the clown and Zoon are nowhere, she then spots Ritesh and asks him where Zoon is. Ritesh tells her he had sent Zoon to her room to clean the spilt juice from her dress.

Kaamna then goes with Ritesh to see Zoon and they knock on the door but when they get no response they open the door but get shocked to find no one is inside.

Kaamna suggests that they can look in other rooms which Ritesh agrees.

On the other side, Indu cries and pleads with Zoon to talk to her and tells her just because it’s the truth, nothing is going to change between them and no one can change she is her mother and Zoon is her daughter.

Just then Vivek comes into the room and tells Indu that Tushar has learnt everything now and he is going to inform Ritesh.

So before they could get caught they should leave and tries to drag her with him but Indu refuses to go with him saying she won't leave Zoon in this condition.

Vivek sees Ritesh and Kaamna is nearby the door so he pleads with Indu to go with him and drags her out assuring Zoon they will meet her soon.

Ritesh finds Zoon and asks her the reason behind her sadness. Kaamna tells Ritesh that she thinks the clown must be Indu and Vivek, which Ritesh refuses.

Then Kaamna brings Tushar to Ritesh and makes him confess that clowns are none other than Vivek and Indu. Ritesh gets shocked to know the truth.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Ritesh and Vivek get into a huge fight at Raina’s house. Indu breaks their fight, while Ritesh tells Indu his plan to adopt Zoon legally.

Ritesh then warns Indu not to spare her if anything happens to Zoon. Indu and the Raina family gets shocked by Ritesh’s decision.

On the other side, Zoon tears the sketch she made and cries and tells that she is a bad daughter that’s why Indu is suffering so much. She then takes her bag and leaves the room.

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