BPKH Written Update 17 September 2022: Ritesh promises Zoon to let her meet Indu; Zoon's biological mother back


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th September 2022 Written Update: Ritesh promises Zoon to let her meet Indu; Zoon's biological mother back


At the start of today's episode, we see Geeta takes Ritesh and Rahul inside Zoon’s room and tells them she did tell them that Zoon is perfectly fine and asks them to leave the room or else Gayatri will scold her.

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Ritesh asks her to wait for a minute and stays beside Zoon’s bed and calls out her name and he hears Zoon’s cries. He asks Geeta to switch on the light.

Ritesh gets shocked seeing Zoon’s rashes and also realises that she is having a fever. Gayatri comes there and scolds Ritesh for breaking the rule of CAA.

Ritesh shows Zoon’s allergic reaction, seeing it Gayatri gets shocked and asks what happened to Zoon to Geeta. Zoon cries and says she wants to meet Indu.

Gayatri tells Ritesh that she will call the doctor, while Ritesh waits for the doctor to come out and tell him about Zoon’s health.

Ritesh worries but Rahul calms him down by saying that Zoon will be alright.

In Raina’s house, Anjali calls the child adoption centre to enquire about Zoon but she gets upset that Zoon is nowhere.

Anjali then informs the same to Asha and they both worry about Indu’s whereabouts. Vivek comes there and informs them he knows in which station Indu is but due to the officer he is unable to meet her.

Vivek also says that he talked to his friend and who is a lawyer Mr Atul and he is one of the best lawyers. Vivek tells them that he had agreed to help them but they have to wait till the next day.

In CAA the doctor comes out and informs Ritesh that Zoon is severely affected by the allergy and wants to know about her past medical history to know if she is allergic to some other food or medicine to provide her proper medicines.

The doctor asks whom Zoon is demanding to meet. Ritesh tells it’s her mother and he will go and meet Indu to learn about Zoon’s medical history and leaves the place.

Ritesh then comes to the police station and requests the officer to let him meet Indu.

The officer initially hesitates but agrees to let him meet Indu. Ritesh goes to Indu’s lock-up and gets shocked seeing her condition.

Ritesh makes his presence known to Indu. Indu goes to him and asks him about Zoon’s well-being.

Indu then starts blaming herself for trusting him enough to let him enter their life unaware of his true face for which she and Zoon are paying for it now.

Indu says that for Zoon he is her genie Ritesh who will do anything for her but she has no idea that he is a monster and just to take revenge on her he stooped this low and separated them.

Hearing all these Ritesh could not utter a single word.

Indu shouts at Ritesh saying that Zoon is the reason behind him reconciling his relationship with his mother but he ended up snatching her mother’s affection and love from her and asks what he gets by doing all this.

Ritesh tells Indu to stop lecturing him and says he is here to learn about Zoon’s medical history because she ate wheat Chapati’s and is under treatment so the doctor wants to know about it.

After knowing Zoon's condition Indu gets shocked, while Ritesh calls the doctor.

Indu informs the doctor of the anti-allergic injection and the doctor thanks her and asks Gayatri to bring the injection she prescribed.

Indu hears Zoon crying and asking for her, and she glares at Ritesh. Ritesh goes to talk to one of the constables and persuades him.

Indu sees this and pleads with Rahul to let her talk to Zoon. Rahul hesitates but gives in to Indu’s request and tells Zoon someone wants to talk to her.

Zoon says hello and gets happy hearing Indu is on the other line and Indu cries hard.

Zoon questions Indu about where is she and why she didn’t come to meet her. Is she made any mistake because of which she is refusing to meet her?

Indu tells Zoon that she will never get angry or upset over her and promises to meet her soon.

Zoon tells Indu she wants to go home also she doesn’t like this place at all, hearing this Indu is unable to hold her tears.

Ritesh comes there and finds Zoon telling Indu to ask genie Ritesh’s help who can do anything.

Indu glares at Ritesh and tells him she is right, Ritesh can go to any extent to do and get what he wants and then she returns his phone to him.

Ritesh recalls Zoon’s words and hears Indu’s cries and gets sad.

On the other side, Sameer informs Vivaan about his lunch meeting with Kadambari who agrees to meet him finally.

Vivaan tells him he isn’t interested to hear his story as he needs sleep now which leads Sameer to bother Vivaan.

Then we see Ritesh comes to meet Zoon, while Gayatri assures him Zoon’s health is better now. Zoon wakes up and asks Ritesh about Indu.

Ritesh gets helpless but tells Zoon that Indu will meet her and then he then asks her to go to sleep.

Zoon tells him that she used to sleep on Indu’s lap, also Indu sings lullabies for her. Ritesh pleads with Gayatri to let him stay here until Zoon falls asleep.

Gayatri obliges and leaves the place, while Ritesh put Zoon in his lap.

On the other side, Indu imagines Zoon is there and sings a lullaby for her, then she starts crying after realising Zoon isn’t with her.

Then we see Ritesh goes and stays inside his car.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we see the lawyer telling Raina's family that Indu has to lie in order to get bail. But Indu informs Vivek she will never say such things.

Rajendra gets shocked to see Kadambari - Zoon's biological mother.

On the other side, Zoon questions Ritesh about Indu and Ritesh makes a promise to let her meet Indu, hearing this Zoon gets happy.

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