BPKH Written Update 16 September 2022: Zoon fed with allergic food; Indu blames Ritesh


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th September 2022 Written Update: Zoon fed with allergic food; Indu blames Ritesh


At the start of today's episode, we see Indu crying in the prison and pleading with the police to help her and wonder where Zoon is.

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On the other side, Jatin calls Kaamna and tells her that she asked him to lie to him once but Ritesh continuously questions him and he doesn’t know what to say to him.

Kaamna asks him not to worry about it because she is here to handle him. She also asks him to leave Mumbai for a few days and this Jatin tells her that he can't because he needs money for that. Kaamna tells him she will send him the money.

On the other side, Rahul advises Ritesh not to worry because their lawyer Jatin will do something the next day to let him keep Zoon with him.

Ritesh worries and says that he can’t able to remain silent because he heard Zoon’s pleas yet he left her in CAA and now he is having second thoughts about his decision.

Then Ritesh refuses to go to shoot and asks Rahul to cancel all his plans for the next day saying he is going to be with Zoon. Rahul calls him crazy but Ritesh tells him it’s his final decision.

Ritesh then asks Rahul to call Raina's family and let them know about Zoon and Indu’s whereabouts.

Rahul notices he received so many calls from Vivek that he tells Ritesh and so Ritesh asks him to call Vivek.

Vivek comes to Malhotra’s mansion and as per the guards' instructions he keeps his mobile outside he goes in. Rahul calls Vivek but he fails to notice it, while both Rahul and Ritesh get upset.

Kaamna stops Vivek from entering the house and asks him what he is doing here. Vivek pleads with her to let him meet Ritesh but Kaamna refuses.

Vivek tells her that Vivaan informed Anjali about Indu’s arrest so he just wants to know where Indu and Zoon are, hearing this Kaamna gets shocked.

Kaamna then insults Vivek and tells him they aren’t interested in both Indu and Zoon so asks him to leave and calls security.

Vivek tells her he thought she will show some humanity seeing his desperation but he is wrong that people will have humanity when they get more money though and leaves the place.

Then Sameer asks Kaamna what Vivek is doing here, at this Kaamna tells Sameer that Vivaan informed Anjali about everything, knowing this Sameer gets shocked.

In the prison, Indu lays on the floor and recalls the moments she and Zoon shared and cries hard and tells herself don’t know why this is all happening to her and her Zoon.

On the other side, Sameer warns Vivaan not to update Anjali about what they are doing here anymore and asks him to find some other way to trap her, to which Vivaan obliges.

At the police station, Indu sees the rotis made by atta and realises that Zoon is allergic to the rotis so she pleads with the cops there to let her contact Zoon one’s but no one pays attention to her.

At CAA the caretaker Geeta informs the senior officer about Zoon’s stubborn behaviour not to have the food given by them and also demanding to meet her mother, so she suggests that they should give her favourite food to make her have dinner.

The senior officer refuses and says to Geeta that they shouldn’t differentiate one kid from another kid if Zoon doesn’t want to have dinner then let her be when she gets hungry she will eat but asks her to try one last time, to which Geeta obliges.

Then we see Geeta decides to feed Zoon, while Indu cries for help.

One of the cops goes inside the lock-up to shut her up but when Indu pleads with her to let her make one call to alert about Zoon’s allergy the cop looks on helplessly.

Then the cops agree to let Indu make a call to Ritesh which makes Indu happy.

Then Indu calls Ritesh, but Ritesh decides not to attend the call from an unknown number, while Indu grows anxious.

Kaamna asks Ritesh to have food but he refuses saying he is going to meet Zoon. Then he wonders why the Raina family are not searching for Indu and Zoon and asks Rahul to contact the Raina family.

Kaamna insists she will call them and calls Sunita. Sunita angrily says finally the bad omen Zoon left their life and she doesn't want to hear anything about the homeless kid anymore and cuts the call.

Ritesh gets shocked and says he thought he was doing wrong by putting Zoon in CAA but his decision was right.

Taking the advantage of the situation Kaamna manipulates Ritesh to let Zoon stay in CAA and then asks him to meet Zoon right away.

Rahul informs Ritesh that Zoon had dinner which Geeta, as Geeta had informed him.

Hearing this Ritesh gets relieved and then gets annoyed seeing the continuous calls from the unknown number.

Rahul convinces him to answer it and Indu informs Ritesh about Zoon’s allergy which shocks Ritesh.

The lady cop disconnects the line and takes Indu to the lock-up. Ritesh decides to go to CAA immediately to see what food they have given to Zoon, while Rahul tries to contact Geeta.

Then Vivek comes to the police station where Indu has been kept. The senior officer refuses to let him meet her.

Later the lady cop tells Indu in front of Ritesh’s influence and money she doesn't think she can able to meet her daughter again, hearing this Indu cries.

Ritesh gets shocked learning from Geeta that she fed Zoon the food to which she is allergic and he breaks the rule of CAA not to enter the kids' room and goes inside it worriedly.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Ritesh comes to meet Indu at the police station. Indu blames herself for trusting him and letting him get closer to Zoon which leads her to this situation.

Indu also tells Ritesh that Zoon made him talk to his mother again and reconcile his relationship with her and in return he snatched Zoon’s mother from her, hearing this Ritesh gets stunned.

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