Anupama Written Update 8 September 2022: Kinjal back in Shah house; Rakhi creates drama


Anupama 8th September 2022 Written Update: Kinjal back in Shah house; Rakhi creates drama


At the start of today’s episode, Samar asks Anupama to welcome Kinjal’s baby instead of getting emotional. Anupama says she is doing.

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Anupama says in the baby’s ear that she is special and will get everyone’s love. She adds Anuj will come to see her soon.

Kavya in baby’s ear says Leela is a little rude but good too. She asks Baby to love her more than anyone.

Leela asks what Anupama and Kavya are whispering in the baby’s ear. She asks to let Kinjal and the baby enter the house.

Anupama takes the baby’s footprint and welcomes her. She asks Hasmuk to keep the footprint safely in the locker.

Hasmuk takes the cloth, and then Choti Anu asks Kinjal if she can see the baby. At this Leela asks Choti Anu to stay away from the baby. So Kavya asks Choti Anu to be with her.

Anupama talks about another ritual with the baby. She says each member will wave baby with a peacock feathers.

Hearing this Meenu asks why, so Anupama replies that it is a ritual. Samar says someone should flap feathers over Toshu as he seems tense.

But Toshu replies that he is fine, while Rakhi gives a look at Toshu and recalls her talk with him. Choti Anu asks Kinjal if she can touch the baby but Leela stops Choti Anu.

Then Vanraj asks Choti Anu to be with him. Anupama asks Kinjal and Toshu to sit on the swing. She asks Rakhi to give the baby to Toshu so that they can start the ritual.

Rakhi think rituals are important for the baby thus she came. She further decides to take Kinjal and the baby with her post the rituals are getting done.

Anupama asks Rakhi to give the baby to Toshu. Rakhi gives the baby to Kinjal, seeing this the Shah family stand stunned.

They confront Rakhi about giving the baby to Kinjal instead of Toshu. Rakhi asks the Shah family to do the ritual fast as she wants to take Kinjal and the baby with her.

The Shah family asks Rakhi the reason for getting desperate to take Kinjal and her baby to her home. Rakhi says she wants to spend time with Kinjal and the baby.

Hearing this Leela goes against Rakhi, while Vanraj asks Rakhi to not create drama as today is lucky.

Vanraj then says let Kinjal and baby get settled and then she can take Kinjal and the baby. At this Kinjal also request Rakhi to let her stay back.

Anupama asks Rakhi to start the ritual by giving the baby to Toshu and this time Rakhi gives the baby to him.

The Shah family perform the ritual with Kinjal and the baby. Samar makes a call to Anuj and Anuj asks if rituals are done.

He then spots Anupama and Vanraj with the baby together and gets anxious.

Barkha and Ankush decide to take advantage of this situation, but 

Anuj yells at Barkha and Ankush.

At the Shah house, Rakhi taunts Toshu again and asks him to start being responsible as he is a father now.

Vanraj says Toshu is responsible, while Rakhi decides to keep visiting the Shahs.

Seeing Rakhi's behaviour Anupama decides to find the truth that Rakhi is hiding.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Rakhi exposes Toshu's truth to Anupama and Vanraj.

Hearing this Anupama gets super angry and slaps Toshu for cheating upon Kinjal.

But the shameless Toshu tells Anupama to understand that he was with another girl to get his desires fulfilled as Kinjal was pregnant.

Anupama gets teary thinking about how she will inform Kinjal about this and how will she react.

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