Anupama Written Update 30 September 2022: Toshu's evil plan; Choti Anu back to the orphanage; Anuj-Anupama Shocked


Anupama 30th September 2022 Written Update: Toshu's evil plan; Choti Anu back to the orphanage; Anuj-Anupama Shocked


At the start of today's episode, we see Toshu getting emotional after seeing his daughter Pari and playing with her while Vanraj says that he brought Kinjal and Pari back for the family and not for him.

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Hearing this Toshu feels bad while Samar and Leela also look at Vanraj. Leela tries to make Toshu understand the value of a family and says that it is easy to break a relationship than to handle it.

Then, Vanraj also gives Toshu hope by stating that he still has a chance to rectify his mistake and save his family.

Vanraj tells Toshu that he has to gain Kinjal’s forgiveness in order to save his family from breaking, while Toshu looks at Kinjal but she avoids looking at him.

Then we see Samar and Kavya standing around the baby while just at that time Rakhi comes there and lashes out at Toshu.

Rakhi takes the baby and proclaims to take Kinjal and Pari to her house. She says that she won’t let her daughter stay in the Shah house along with Toshu even for a second and asks Kinjal to come along with her.

But Leela stands against Rakhi and says that Kinjal won’t go anywhere. She asks Rakhi not to ruin Kinjal’s married life, to which she gets furious and reminds about the deeds of Toshu.

Rakhi also recalls the time when Leela has thrown Hansmukh from the house.

At this time, Hansmukh tries to make Rakhi understand and says that it should be Kinjal’s decision that whether she wants to stay here or not.

Then, Kinjal decides to stay in the Shah house and tells her mother that she is angry with Toshu and not with the other family members.

Rakhi, again and again, tries to make Kinjal understand but Kinjal stays firm on her decision to stay at the Shah house.

Meanwhile, Leela talks about Navratri and decides to celebrate it grandly as it is Pari’s first festival. While Hasmukh talks about informing Anupama about it.

On the other side, Anupama is sitting along with Anuj inside their cabin and discussing giving bonuses to their employees.

Anupama suggests some ideas for the betterment of the company, while Anuj praises her and says that she has transformed a lot.

Anuj recalls how she couldn’t even able to operate a laptop when she first came into his office.

Later, Anuj appreciates Anupama’s efforts and says that she is a quick learner and also advises her to move on and take on more responsibilities for the company.

Whereas, she becomes concerned for Kinjal and gets teary eyes while Anuj consoles her.

Anuj assures that she is strong and will handle herself and also says that he feels so nice after getting back to the office.

Anuj starts flirting with Anupama in order to change her mood while she smiles and goes with the flow.

Anupama dances in front of him and then both of them get close, while he pulls her hair and brings her near to him, to kiss her forehead. While Anupama smiles feeling his love.

Back at the Shah house, Rakhi gets adamant to take Pari and Kinjal back to her house. She keeps on asking Kinjal to return back while Kinjal gets frustrated.

At this, Leela along with Vanraj and other Shah family members shows their concern for Kinjal and looks after her.

They give Kinjal advice to take a wise decision for herself, while she gets into a dilemma.

Kinjal goes towards the cupboard and sees Toshu’s pictures while he comes there and back hugs her.

This makes Kinjal irked and she pushes him away and shouts at him while he stands shocked.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, Choti Anu clips her picture with Anuj and Anupama, while it falls down on a Diya and gets burned.

Seeing Choti Anu's photo being burned Anupama gets worried while Toshu smirks at her and says that he will give the same pain to Anupama, that he is experiencing.

Toshu gets determined to break her family, while a couple of persons come to the Kapadia Mansion to take Choti Anu back to the orphanage.

Seeing this both Anuj and Anupama gets shocked and then Anupama gives a warning to Toshu and says that if he tries to cross his limits she will forget that he is her son.

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