Anupama Written Update 26 September 2022: Toshu threatens Anupama to separate her from Choti Anu


Anupama 26th September 2022 Written Update: Toshu threatens Anupama to separate her from Choti Anu


At the start of today's episode, we see Leela cry and inform Vanraj that Kinjal refused to come back. She also tells him that Anupama didn’t let Kinjal accompany her.

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Anuj is angry with Anupama after Toshu's destructive behaviour

Leela asks God to take her life but doesn’t break Kinjal and Toshu’s home.

On the other side, Barkha asks Anuj if he is going anywhere. Anuj replies that he is going to the office.

Barkha tells him that today is Sunday. At this Anuj says but Ankush is going and also says that employees get off on Sunday, not the boss.

Anuj says he will take over the office and asks Ankush to give the details of the projects he handled in his absence.

Hearing this both Barkha and Ankush stand stunned.

Anupama sends Anuj to the office and tells him that she will also come to the office later.

Anuj asks Anupama to take care of other work and GK will come.

Then Anupama receives a call from Samar and he informs her that Toshu is missing.

Samar says that he doubts if Toshu will attempt suicide. At this Anupama asks Samar to relax.

Kinjal overhears Anupama’s conversation with Samar and starts to get worried for Toshu. Seeing this Anupama asks Kinjal not to worry as she will bring back Toshu.

On the other side, Anuj confronts Ankush about not starting any project in his absence. He gets angry with Ankush for ignoring work and plotting along with Barkha behind his back.

Ankush thinks that Anuj forgets everything but today he is on fire.

Anuj asks Ankush to submit the project details as soon as possible. While Ankush wishes some drama happens so that Anuj forgets the office work.

At the Shah house, Leela is seen worrying for Toshu and says if Toshu harms himself then everyone will see her dead.

At this Hasmuk tries to calm down Leela. Just then Anupama comes there and asks Leela to stop panicking.

Leela gets angry with Anupama and accuses her of the mess.

At this Anupama asks Leela to stop blaming her and asks Leela to side with the truth, at this Leela gets angrier.

Kinjal worries if Toshu will harm himself. While Barkha tries to instigate Kinjal and says emotionally weak person ends up harming themselves.

Barkha asks Kinjal to think about her life and return to Toshu, hearing this Kinjal sits anxiously.

Then back at the Shah house, we see the entire Shah family is worried for Toshu. Vanraj and Samar come home and informs them that they could not find Toshu.

Vanraj starts to get worried for Toshu. While Anupama thinks that Toshu will not do anything that everyone is thinking.

Then we see, Anuj returns home to learn about Toshu. He tries to calm Kinjal.

While Barkha says drama never ends in this Shah family. At this Ankush says today he wished for the drama as Anuj was confronting him at the office.

Just then Toshu visits Kinjal in n an inebriated state. He insists that Kinjal come back home with him.

Kinjal refuses to go back with Toshu and she tries to stop Toshu to meet Pari as he is drunk. But he still goes ahead and picks up Pari in his arms.

Toshu is about to drop the baby from his arms when Kinjal quickly catches the baby. Seeing this both Anuj and Kinjal get angry with Toshu. 

Then Anuj comes to their rescue and pushes Toshu away from Kinjal and the baby.

This angers Toshu, he quickly grabs a knife and threatens Kinjal to obey him, or else he will end his life.

Seeing this Anuj tries to stop Toshu, but Toshu is so mad that he is adamant and keeps on threatening Kinjal and again asks her to come along with him.

Just then Anupama comes there and asks Toshu to go ahead.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode (Sunday), Toshu threatens Anupama about separating her from Choti Anu so that she can feel his pain. Anupama asks Toshu to be within his limit.

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