Anupama Written Update 22 September 2022: Arya-Anuj are in trouble; Anupama is unable to decide whom to help first


Anupama 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Arya-Anuj are in trouble; Anupama is unable to decide whom to help first


At the start of today's episode, we see Kinjal complain to Rakhi about hiding Toshu’s truth and lecture Rakhi on trying to become modern just by dominating her husband.

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Kinjal says to Rakhi that her lie has hurt her and says that if Anupama would not tell her the truth then she would have stayed with the Shah family being an old Anupama, hearing this Rakhi stands quiet.

Then Kinjal asks Kavya to drop her at Anupama's home, while Leela asks Kinjal to go to Rakhi’s house instead of Anupama’s and says if Kinjal wants Anupama then she will call her there.

At this Kinjal asks Leela why she still tries to rule on Anupama, so Leela says because Anupama is her daughter.

Kinjal asks Leela when last she asked Anupama if she is fine or not. Then in between Kavya says never and also says that Leela only needs Anupama to fix things.

Hearing all these Leela asks Kinjal and Kavya not to lecture her and says Kinjal will not go to Anupama’s house.

On the other side, Toshu complains to Samar that Kinjal isn’t receiving his calls. So Samar replies that Kinjal is still upset with him.

Toshu requests Samar to make a video call to Kinjal and Arya. At this Samar discloses to Toshu that Kinjal left Shah's house and is now staying with Anupama.

Toshu becomes angry after hearing this and says, now Anupama will instigate Kinjal to divorce him as she did with Vanraj.

At the Kapadia Mansion, Adhik goes to Barkha and says he wants to inform her of something important.

Just then Vanraj and Kavya come to drop Kinjal along with Arya at Anupama’s place.

Then Vanraj gives Arya to Anupama and asks her to handle Kinjal and her baby. Seeing this Barkha and Ankush gets irked.

Vanraj says he doesn’t need to say and asks Anupama to take care of Arya and Kinjal.

Vanraj then says that his own house responsibilities had made him miss the childhood of his children and now Toshu’s deeds separated him from Arya and get emotional.

Kinjal apologizes to Anupama for coming without informing them, while Anuj asks Kinjal to stop being formal and says that a daughter doesn’t have to take permission to visit a mother.

Anuj hugs Vanraj and asks him not to worry as they will take care of Kinjal and Arya.

While Barkha and Ankush say kids are bringing both families together.

Samar tells Toshu that because of his mistake Kinjal is reacting after he accused Anupama of destroying his house.

Then Toshu decides to end his life, while Samar stands stunned.

At the Shah house, Leela gets irked thinking about Kinjal leaving the house, while Vanraj and Kavya get emotional thinking about Arya.

On the other side, Kinjal again apologizes to Anupama for coming to her house without informing her. This time Anupama asks Kinjal to stop being formal.

Kinjal asks Anupama not to obstruct her work because of her and just then Toshu tries to call her, but she ignores Toshu’s call.

Anupama thanks Anuj for supporting her, while Anuj praises Anupama’s courage.

On the other side, Arya suddenly starts to cry and Kinjal gets panicked seeing her cry and is unable to understand the reason. Just then Barka comes there and Kinjal shares the baby's issue with Barkha.

But Barkha starts to taunt Kinjal for the situation she has gone through and Anupama is not being able to give time to her family because of daily issues in Shah's family.

Then Barkha advises Kinjal to give divorce to Toshu and hearing this Kinjal gets stunned.

Episode Ends!

Arya and Anuj are in trouble:-

In the upcoming episode, we see Anupama talking to Anuj on a video call when Kinjal comes running to Anuj and tells him that Arya’s throat has been choked.

Anuj panics and runs to help Arya and falls flat on the floor and injures his head.

Seeing this Anupama stands stressed, as she is unable to decide whom she should help first - Arya or Anuj?

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