Anupama Written Update 16 September 2022: Kinjal leaves Toshu; Toshu turns into Anupama's biggest enemy


Anupama 16th September 2022 Written Update: Kinjal leaves Toshu; Toshu turns into Anupama's biggest enemy after Vanraj throws him out of the house


In today’s episode, Anupama says only Kinjal has a right to give a punishment to Toshu.

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While Toshu asks Kinjal not to listen to Anupama and accuses Anupama of breaking his family.

Toshu also says that Anupama doesn’t belong to today’s generation and thus she doesn’t understand anything and asks Kinjal to believe him that he loves Arya and her the most.

Toshu says she promised Rakhi too that he will never repeat this mistake again and asks Kinjal to believe him.

Kinjal says like other girls she will not ask Toshu where she was wrong. She says that her love for Toshu was pure still he betrayed her.

Leela says such talk if comes on TV then they change the channel and says she can’t hear Kinjal and Toshu.

Anupama says if they will cover the mistake now, then it will make things worse for Kinjal. She says she knows how it feels when one is kept in a dark.

Anupama says it was important for Kinjal to learn the truth. While Toshu says Anupama wants to break his family.

At this Kinjal says he agrees with Toshu and says like Toshu she too will go to other men and says it will be nothing but just a fling.

Hearing this Toshu becomes angry with Kinjal and shouts at her, but Kinjal shuts his mouth and asks him not to shout.

Then Vanraj asks Toshu to lower his voice, while Toshu says he isn’t guilty, this angers Vanraj and he gives a tight slap to Toshu.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see Kinjal will decide to leave Toshu, while Vanraj will stop Kinjal from leaving the house.

Instead, Vanraj will throw Toshu out of the Shah house, at this Toshu will accuse Anupama of the mess in his life.

Will Barkha try to take advantage of Toshu and Anupama’s animosity?

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