Anupama Written Update 13 September 2022: Rakhi forces Anupama to swear on Kinjal-Arya to hide the truth from Kinjal


Anupama 13th September 2022 Written Update: Rakhi forces Anupama to swear on Kinjal-Arya to hide the truth from Kinjal


At the start of today’s episode, Anupama tells Toshu that Rakhi didn’t tell her but she learned the truth.

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Then, Anupama makes Toshu hear the recording of the girl on his phone. While Toshu begins speaking up in broken sentences.

This makes Anupama angrier and asks him to tell her the truth as to who the girl is and what Toshu had done with her, or else she will beat him black and blue.

Meanwhile, Anuj feels something is wrong and decides to check on Anupama however, Samar, Vanraj and Leela stop him and tell him to have a group-fi with Arya.

Then, Toshu begins explaining himself and says that Kinjal was on medication and having mood swings and Toshu needed some break from all that.

Anupama looks at him in horror and gets disgusted, then she makes him continue with his explanation and asks more.

Toshu says that he began talking to this girl and had dinner with her. Then Anupama asks him more, at this Toshu gets frustrated and tells her to understand herself.

Anupama says that she wants to hear it from him so she does not get anything wrong. She keeps poking and calling out for Toshu to tell her more and hear everything from him.

Toshu gets irritated and yells that next that happened which was supposed to.

Anupama begins getting a flashback of the time she came into the room dressed as a bride and Kavya, as a bride, was lying on her bed getting intimate with Vanraj.

Later Leela feels that in the time Anupama and Toshu are lighting one lamp she will have the whole house lit up like Diwali.

To this Kavya says she will check on them however, Rakhi stops her anxiously which does not go unnoticed by Barkha, and tells Kavya that she should serve and Rakhi will check on the duo.

On the other hand, Anupama is taunting Toshu for his faults but Toshu reasons he has not done any love or affair with her so he is not like Vanraj.

Anupama tells him he has gone 2 steps ahead of his father and this disgusts her.

Anupama tells that Toshu forgot all his responsibilities and only remembered that he is a man and a man has his needs.

Anupama then questions how he would feel if Kinjal would have done the same with him and Toshu fumes in jealousy.

Toshu says that he either would have died or killed Kinnjal for that because man and woman are different in every aspect.

Anupama gets shocked by his reply because Toshu does not seem to feel guilty about what he did.

Toshu neither reprimands his actions nor his words which make Anupama hate him.

On the other side, Rakhi is anxious about the discussion between Toshu and Anupama and is unable to march toward them out of fear.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Rakhi and Anupama argue over telling the truth to Kinjal and the Shah family. Rakhi gives Anupama - Kinjal and Arya’s promise to hide the truth from Kinjal.

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