YHC 23rd August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Preesha remembers her sweet memories she had spent with Rudra


Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 23rd August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Preesha remembers sweet moments spent with Rudra; Rudra is happy to know this


In the previous episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein, we saw how Armaan hides Krishnaji's idol kept by Rudra.

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Rudra is unaware that his video has been shot by Armaan when he was replacing Krishnaji's idol with his own Krishnaji's idol.

Armaan then shows only that part of the video where Prem is seen lifting Krishnaji's idol from the temple.

Everyone is stunned to see this and then Digvijay angrily drags Rudra and takes him to the police to get him arrested.

Just at that time, Ruhi comes to Prem's rescue and says that Prem did not steal the idol, but Armaan hide it.

Because smart Ruhi also recorded a video when Armaan was lifting the idol from the temple and hiding it in his room.

Preesha then gets angry with Armaan and asks Armaan to apologize to Prem.

Armaan has to apologize to Prem even though he doesn't want to.

Later the entire Thakur family, including Rudra, Preesha and children worship Krishnaji.

Then Ruhi prays to Krishnaji to do some magic and heal my mother.

Krishnaji listens to Ruhi's prayer and all the Tulsi leaves placed on Krishnaji's idol get removed and Preesha's eyes fall on that idol.

On seeing the idol, Preesha remembers that it is the same idol of Krishnaji that Rudra had given to her as a gift and they both used to worship happily.

As soon as she remembers the old things, Preesha gets stressed out again and she faints.

Armaan has full doubts that there must be something related to Rudra behind Preesha getting faint during Janmashtami pooja and he doubts Krishnaji's idol behind this incident.

Later, Preesha tells Pihu that the same idol of Krishnaji was gifted to her by Rudra and she also remembered how happy she was with him.

Pihu is shocked to hear Preesha's words, while Rudra, who overhears her words, is happy to hear this.

Will Preesha be able to get back all her memories?

Or will Armaan again do some evil trick of his own?

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