YHC 18th August 2022 Written Update: Armaan Catches Prem Red-Handed; Game Over For Rudra


Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 18th August 2022 Written Update: Armaan Catches Prem Red-Handed; Game Over For Rudra


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update - Armaan Catches Prem Red-Handed; Game Over For Rudra

At the beginning of today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th August 2022 episode, Ruhi asks Preesha to sing so she can pee in the bathroom.

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However, Preesha says to Ruhi that she is not a good singer.

Just then, Saaransh comes and sings a song making Ruhi dance inside the bathroom along with Prem Maali who grooves to the lyrics of this peppy song.

Preesha laughs while Ruhi flushes the toilet to make it look like she actually peed.

A second later, Preesha gets a flashback of herself and Rudra challenging each other to sing a song to make Ruhi pee.

Meanwhile, Raj broods alone while thinking about Pihu and Vidyut dance together. 

Just then, Pihu comes up to Raj and asks him whether he is jealous.

However, Raj doesn't look at Pihu and says to her he can be a playback singer for Vidyut while he can dance with Pihu.

Hearing this, Pihu chuckles and tells Raj that she only wants to dance with him, and not with Vidyut.

On the other hand, Rudra notices Preesha’s facial expression change and suddenly she starts screaming.

Rudra gets shocked as Preesha faint and he carries her to the bedroom.

However, Armaan gets angry to see Prem Mali carrying his wife without his consent.

Being a fierce little girl, Ruhi warns Armaan that he cannot talk to her father like this.

Ruhi also tells Armaan that it was Preesha who fainted and needed help.

At night, Kanchan brings food for Prem, Ruhi, and Saaransh and also informs them about Preesha’s health.

This time, Rudra decides to evoke a memory of the festival of Janmashtami for Preesha by gifting her a toy peacock and a small idol of Little Krishna.

However, Saaransh warns Rudra not to do anything that makes Preesha faint again.

Later, Rudra disguised as Prem Mali takes an auto to meet Vidyut, making a suspicious Armaan follow him.

Armaan takes a photo of Prem Mali and Vidyut together and later shows it to Kanchan, Digvijay, and Preesha.

Armaan thinks that Rudra has sent Prem Maali to keep tabs on Preesha and rudely talks to Ruhi and asks her to stop pretending that Prem is her father.

However, Saaransh tells Armaan that he cannot talk to his sister like that. 

Preesha also scolds Armaan and says that she is fed up with his angry tone and consoles a crying Ruhi who calls both Armaan and Digvijay a "bad uncle".

Later, Prem enters his room minutes but gets cornered by Armaan.

Armaan questions Prem Mali whether Rudra has sent him or not while Prem says that he doesn’t know who Rudra Khurana is.

Then, Armaan shows Prem the photo he clicked of him and Vidyut together which makes Rudra sweat a little inside his fake beard.

Episode Ends!

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 August 2022 Episode Update:- Game Over For Rudra?

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sharda visits Rudra, Ruhi, and Saaransh and brings an idol of Little Krishna.

Ruhi gets happy while Rudra plans to replace their idol with Kanchan’s idol after Armaan and Digvijay leave for office.

Later, Rudra replaces the idol of Little Krishna in the temple behind Kanchan's back. 

Meanwhile, Digvijay forgets to bring his file to the office and asks Armaan to fetch it quickly. 

Armaan drives back home but ends up seeing Prem Maali touch the idol of Little Krishna and takes a snapshot of him to use against him later. 

Afterwards, Armaan steals the idol kept by Prem Maali to make it seem like he stole it. 

At night, when it is time for the Puja of Janmasthami, Kanchan says she cannot find the idol of Little Krishna. 

Just then, Armaan points toward Prem Maali who is sitting oblivious and says that Prem stole it. 

Rudra, Ruhi and Saaransh get shocked when Armaan shows the picture he clicked of Prem touching the idol in the afternoon. 

Is it game over for Rudra?

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