YHC 11th August 2022 Written Update: Ruhi Plays A Prank To Stay With Preesha; Rudra In Big Dilemma


Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 11th August 2022 Written Update: Ruhi Plays A Prank To Stay With Preesha; Rudra In Big Dilemma 


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update - Ruhi Plays A Prank To Stay With Preesha; Rudra In Big Dilemma 

At the beginning of today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th August 2022 episode, Armaan questions Saaransh about Prem Mali.

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However, Saaransh denies knowing him and cryingly asks Ruhi what has happened to her.

Ruhi hides behind Prem Maali (Rudra) and keeps silent while Preesha informs Saaransh that Ruhi hurt her head by falling over a stone.

Meanwhile, Pihu gets worried to see Saaransh crying for his sister and asks Preesha if it is possible for someone to lose memories after hurting their head.

Preesha tells Pihu that it is possible and says to Armaan that she will accompany Saaransh with Ruhi to a neurologist.

However, Armaan refuses to Preesha go while she says that she is not cold-hearted as him.

Just then, Saaransh tells them that Sharda is arriving with a neurologist to which Armaan agrees.

Armaan suspects Prem Mali and decides to find out if this Prem Maali has a connection with Rudra or not.

Sharda starts crying when Ruhi fails to recognize her and only knows her Papa as Prem Maali.

Seeing Ruhi's condition, Rudra panics and curses himself for not being able to take care of his daughter properly.

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Afterwards, the neurologist asks Armaan, Digvijay, Pihu, and Preesha to wait outside so that he can ask some questions to Ruhi in private.

As soon as the door gets shut, Saaransh exclaims in happiness along with Ruhi and Sharda who have been playing a prank all this while in front of everyone.

However, Sharda questions Ruhi why she didn’t tell Rudra about her master plan as he looks so scared.

Ruhi smartly tells Sharda that if she would have told Rudra before then his cover-up would have been blown in front of Armaan.

After that, Ruhi also reveals to everyone how she put the stone herself in the middle of the garden and applied a little ketchup on her forehead to look as if she has been badly hurt.

Ruhi further says to Sharda that Preesha saw her at the exact time she fell down in the garden and that gave an advantage to her acting skills.

The prank was planned beforehand at the Khurana House so Ruhi and Saaransh could live with Preesha.

The neurologist is actually Vidyut friend’s father who tells them that he will diagnose Ruhi with temporary amnesia and advise her to live with Prem Maali to regain her memories.

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In the hall, Armaan and Digvijay instigate Pihu and say that Rudra can do anything even use his children to get Preesha.

Just then, Ruhi comes there and hugs Rudra and whispers in his ear that she was acting all this while and he need not get worried about her.

Episode Ends!

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story - Rudra In Big Dilemma

In the upcoming episode, we will see that the neurologist tells Preesha that Ruhi is not okay. 

Afterwards, Preesha declares that Ruhi will stay in the Thakkur house until she becomes fine however Sharda tells her that Rudra won’t agree to this. 

Preesha tells Sharda that she will talk to Rudra herself while Armaan tells Preesha that he will accompany her. 

Later, Saaransh and Sharda get worried and try to find ways to get Prem Maali to reach the Khurana House before Preesha and Armaan arrive to talk to Rudra.

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