Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2022 Episode: Ruhi exposes Armaan, saves Rudra from getting arrested


Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Episode 22nd August 2022: Ruhi exposes Armaan, saves Rudra from getting arrested | YHC


In today's existing episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein, we saw how Armaan hides Krishna's idol kept by Rudra.

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Rudra is unaware that his video has been shot by Armaan when he was replacing Krishna Ji's idol with, his Krishna Ji's idol.

The next day during the preparation of Janmashtami, Kanchan finds that the idol of Krishna Ji is missing from the temple, she is shocked to know about this and tells about the incident to the family members.

Digvijay says how the idol of Krishna Ji has gone missing from the house.

At this Kanchan says, we are all from family and no one is an outsider, who will do this.

On hearing this, Armaan says that we do have an outsider and then puts the blame for theft on Prem.

Armaan then shows only that part of the video where Prem is seen lifting Krishna Ji's idol from the temple.

Everyone gets stunned to see this and then Digvijay angrily drags Rudra out of the house to get him arrested by the police.

Just at that time, Ruhi comes to Prem's rescue and says that he has not stolen the idol, instead it's Armaan who has stolen it.

Has Ruhi also recorded a video when Armaan was lifting the idol from the mandir?

What excuse Armaan will give to Preesha, about this deed?

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