Udaariyaan 2nd August 2022 written update - Fateh and Jasmine's Deal


Udaariyaan 2nd August 2022 written update: Deal between Fateh Jasmine; Will there be any condition? Mystery man revealed


At the beginning of today's episode, Tejo opens the door and Fateh is standing in front of her and requests her to talk to him.

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He gently holds her face in his hands and tells her that he doesn't want the child and that he only needs his Tejo.

Just then, Gurpreet, who has heard everything, breaks the cup of tea that falls from her hands and Tejo and Fateh see her.

On the other hand, Simran goes to drop Candy at school, and then suddenly starts to walk faster thinking that someone might be following her.

After reaching the school, Simran asks Candy not to go anywhere with anyone unless she comes to pick him up herself.

Simran stays alert after she returns home, while the man who is following her is none other than Candy's biological father and Simran's ex-lover Amanpreet, who had left Simran.

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At Virk House, Gurpreet weeps in front of Fateh, saying that Tejo can never become a mother and that the Virk family lineage will no longer continue.

Meanwhile, Simran returns home and calls the stalker threatening to report to the police if he comes near Candy again.

But the stalker makes fun of Simran and disconnects the call, Simran gets horrified to recognize the voice, as she remembers that it is that of her ex-boyfriend Amanpreet.

As the phone gets disconnected, someone knocks on their door and Simran panics and runs to open the door and attacks him with a vase.

But it's Buzo outside who manages to stop Simran from hitting her and then Simran hugs Buzo and starts to cry in fear after telling everything to him.

Udaariyaan 2nd August 2022 Today Episode Update - Fateh and Jasmine's Deal:-

The next day, Fateh meets Jasmine and tells her that he wants to make a deal with her.

Jasmine becomes curious and asks him what he wants, after which Fateh tells her that he wants her to give birth to the child at Virk House, in return for not revealing her truth to Tejo and the police.

Fateh tells her that he doesn't care whether Jasmine stays at Virk House or not, and then Fateh leaves while Jasmine wonders why Fateh has suddenly agreed to keep her at Virk House.

At night, Fateh sees Tejo sitting in the corner of the room and, to comfort her, sits next to her and says that they can adopt a child.

However, Tejo says that the family will not accept it.

On the other side of the story, Simran sees someone walking outside the house and goes outside where she finds an envelope containing pictures of herself, Buzo and Candy.

Meanwhile, at Virk House, Nimmo tries to instigate the Virk family against Tejo, when Jasmine comes there and tells her not to say anything bad about Tejo, as she will give the Virk family their heir.

Tejo sees all this from a distance and gets emotional seeing Jasmine speaking for her and against Nimmo.

Episode Ended!

In the coming episodes, we will see that Amanpreet comes to the Virk house and meets Tejo. He admires Tejo's beauty and then he asks for Simran. On hearing the voice, Simran comes out of her room and is shocked to see Amanpreet in front of her.

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