Udaariyaan 20th August 2022 Written Update: Jasmine gets a taste of her own medicine


Udaariyaan 20th August 2022 Written Update: Jasmine gets a taste of her own medicine


At the start of today's episode, Jasmine reaches Yash’s home in Canada and Yash’s mother welcomes Jasmine to her new house.

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Jasmine gets happy as her dream of going to Canada is fulfilled.

Yash's mother accuses Jasmine of destroying boys' life to fulfil her dream of coming to Canada but then shakes off the topic as a joke.

Yash's mother's eyes are filled with tears and request Yash to show the real colours of Canada to Jasmine while she is admiring the view from the balcony.

Back in India, Tejo is sitting worrying, while Gurpreet asks her the reason for her worries, before Tejo could say anything, Simran enters with Nehmat.

Gurpreet compliments Tejo for being a good mother and accuses Jasmine of running away even before touching the baby.

On the other hand, Jasmine gets ready to explore the city and sends a selfie to her mother.

Gurpreet asks Tejo to accept Nehmat as a blessing from GOD. Tejo cries seeing Nehmat and apologises to separate her from her real parents.

At the same time, Yash’s mother stops Jasmine from going out and orders her to cook breakfast for them.

Jasmine asks Yash’s mother to help her but she refuses as she has diabetes.

On the other side, Yash’s mother curses Jasmine for being a witch and forcing her son Manish to kill himself while Yash consoles her.

On the other side of the story, Fateh is playing with Nehmat and Tejo decides to tell Fateh about the truth as he will be heartbroken the more time she will wait to tell Fateh the truth.

Tejo blurts out that Nehmat is not Amrik’s baby.

Fateh gets shocked hearing this and confronts Tejo about what she is saying while she tells the whole story to him.

Astonished Fateh, sits on the bed frozen while Tejo talks about the anguish of Nehmat’s real parents.

Fateh informs Tejo, to tell the truth to the family but Tejo refuses as she doesn’t want to break their heart.

Tejo tells Fateh to first find the real parents of Nehmant and then inform them about the truth about their own family.

Meanwhile, Yash compliments Jasmine’s cooked breakfast and Yash's mother orders her to mop and clean the entire house.

Jasmine takes Yash aside and tells him to stop his mother from giving her house chores, as she has never done all this even in India and she has not come to be a servant in Canada.

This makes Yash angry and he confronts Jasmine about destroying his brother’s life and pushes her to the floor.

Jasmine falls to the floor, then she lifts her head and sees Manish’s photo on the wall and gets shocked to see photo.

On the other side of the story, Tejo curses Jasmine that she will get punished for her bad deeds.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan 22nd August 2022 Upcoming Episode - Story takes a leap:-

In the upcoming episode, we see that the show has taken a leap and we see a young girl playing with Jasmine and her attitude and thinking too are similar to Jasmine's, which makes her happy.

While in India, we see another young girl (maybe Nehmat) with boxing gloves doing boxing practice and Tejo offers her milk to get some power, at this, the girl says that power comes if you have a brain and money.

Her words stun Tejo and she asks herself, as to whose qualities the girl has got.

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