Udaariyaan 1st August 2022 Written Update: Upsetting News For Fatejo; Tejo Cannot Become A Mother Again


Udaariyaan 1st August 2022 Written Update: Upsetting News For Fatejo; Tejo Cannot Become A Mother Again


Udaariyaan Written Update - Upsetting News For Fatejo; Tejo Cannot Become A Mother Again

At the start of today's Udaariyaan 1st August 2022 episode, Tejo gets ready, when she receives a message from Jasmine.

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Tejo recalls Jasmine's words about Fateh misunderstanding her to be involved in the fire incident.

Jasmine also tells Tejo how the Virk family are not supporting her either.

Tejo decides to talk to Fateh and asks him to promise her that he will not talk rudely with Jasmine from now on as she is pregnant with Amrik's child.

Tejo reminds Fateh how Jasmine lost her husband Amrik and now the child won't have a father, just because of her.

Tejo further says to Fateh that they know the pain of losing a baby so she doesn't want Jasmine and her baby to suffer anymore.

Fateh reluctantly agrees as he doesn't want to upset Tejo and make her recall the trauma of losing their child.

However, Fateh realises that Jasmine has manipulated Tejo with her sweet words and resolves to teach her a lesson. 

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Later, Fateh and Tejo go to the doctor for Tejo's check-up and the doctor suggests doing an ultrasound of Tejo because of her miscarriage.

However, Fateh tries to refuse but the doctor informs him that Tejo has decided to start a family. 

Fateh gets happy on knowing Tejo’s decision, and confirms it by asking her and Tejo confirms that she wants to have a family with him.

Meanwhile, Nimmo asks Gurpreet to hurry up and talk to Tejo about giving an heir but Gurpreet says that Tejo might need some time.

At the hospital, Fateh and Tejo hold each other's hands in anticipation of good news but the doctor tells them that she has bad news for them.

The doctor informs Fateh and Tejo that Tejo can never conceive a child because her earlier miscarriage has damaged her fallopian tubes.

Hearing this, Fateh and Tejo get shocked and ask the doctor if there is any other way to solve the problem.

However, the doctor says that if Tejo underwent treatment nine months back, then they might have done something, but now it's too late.

Tejo and Fateh break down in tears knowing they can never become parents.

Tejo runs outside and notices a small girl crying. Tejo goes to her and hugs her and comforts the little girl while Fateh cries to see Tejo playing with the girl.

Afterwards, Tejo asks Fateh to let her go because she doesn't want to ruin his life as she can't give him a baby.

However, Fateh tells Tejo that he married her because he loves her and they both are enough for each other to lead a happy life.

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Later, Fateh and Tejo return home and Gurpreet blesses Tejo to have a child soon. 

After that, Tejo rushes to her room and starts crying, unable to share the truth with the family while Fateh follows Tejo and they both vent out their sorrow through tears.

Episode Ends!

It will be really interesting to see what will happen now, how will the Virk family, especially Gurpreet react to this news now?

Will Jasmine use this to her advantage and try to get Gurpreet against Tejo and Fateh?

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