Udaariyaan 12th August 2022 Written Update: Fateh reveals the truth about Jasmine to Tejo; Tejo threatens to burn Jasmine with fire


Udaariyaan 12th August 2022 Written Update: Fateh reveals the truth about Jasmine to Tejo; Tejo threatens to burn Jasmine with fire


At the beginning of today's episode, Fateh talks with Tejo and thinks about the source from where Amanpreet gets all the information about Candy.

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Inside the venue, the host announces the magic of the magician Badshah, while Fateh makes sure everything is fine inside the venue.

Tejo calls Gurpreet to inquire about the Virk family. Then, Tejo remembers Jasmine's words and gets sad. Fateh asks Tejo the reason for her sadness but Tejo lies to him.

Fateh pacifies Tejo, and then Tejo tells Fateh about Jasmine's allegation that she still considers her mentally ill.

Meanwhile, the magician Badshah aka Amanpreet first picks Diljit and makes him disappear and brings him back from the box again.

Seeing this, Candy gets excited and requests the magician to choose him as the next contestant.

The magician Badshah chooses Candy, this time the host announces that the magician Badshah is going to disappear with Candy. Simran gets worried seeing the magician Badshah putting the candy in the box.

On the other hand, Fateh consoles Tejo and assures her that he will not believe Jasmine's lies.

Tejo sees a man running, and Fateh follows him but on being caught it is found that the man is the waiter of the caterer.

Meanwhile, seeing that Candy does not come out of the box, Simran goes to the stage and opens the box but finds it empty. Simran calls Buzo and tells him that Candy has gone missing.

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At the same time, Tejo remembers the Joker and remembers that they did not check him. Fateh and Tejo run inside the venue and find Candy missing.

Tejo opens the box and confirms that the joker was Amanpreet. Tejo and Fateh run to catch Amanpreet and find him in the car with Candy.

Fateh grabs Amanpreet by the collar and Tejo takes Candy with her. When the siren of the police car sounds, Fateh tells Amanpreet that his end has now come.

Amanpreet escapes by spotting dust in Fateh's eyes. Meanwhile, the police reach the venue and go to find the car in which Amanpreet has escaped.

The police catch the Joker but he turns out to be someone else hired by Amanpreet. Fateh and Tejo accuse Amanpreet of trying to kidnap Candy.

Meanwhile, Tejo and Fateh take the police officers to Amanpreet's house, but the vicious Amanpreet proves himself innocent. Frustrated Fateh and Tejo return home.

On the other hand, the Virk family is comforting Simran, to which Jasmine says that she knows Simran's pain as she too is about to become a mother.

Tejo gets hurt after hearing Jasmine's words, seeing this, Fateh decides to tell Tejo about the events that happened 9 months ago.

Later, Fateh tells Tejo that Jasmine is playing games with her as Jasmine is jealous of her.

Episode Ended!

Udaariyaan August 13, 2022 Episode Update - Tejo threatens to burn Jasmine with fire:-

In the coming episodes, we will see Fateh tells Tejo about all the things that she faced in the last 9 months.

An angry Tejo decides to fight the evil Jasmine. She tells Fateh that she will not let Jasmine win this time.

Later, Tejo goes to Jasmine's room and locks the door from inside. Tejo then lights a match stick, seeing which Jasmine gets shocked and terribly scared.

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