Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 New Promo: Fatejo's New Plan To Trap Aman; Aman Disguises As A Joker


Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 New Promo: Jasmine Instigates Gurpreet Against Tejo; Fatejo's New Plan To Trap Aman; Aman Disguises As A Joker


Colors TV channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

So far we have seen that Amanpreet enters the Virk house when only Tejo and Jasmine were alone in the house.

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Amanpreet Threatens Tejo; Tejo Confronts Jasmine

Amanpreet finds Tejo alone in her room and tries to misbehave with her, however, Tejo takes a knife in her hands and forces Amanpreet to get out of the house. 

Then, Tejo tells Fateh about it, Fateh gets furious and decides to file a police complaint against him but Tejo stops him as it may compromise the matter.

Later, Tejo gets sad when she sees Simran showering affection on Candy which reminds Tejo of her miscarriage but Fateh cheers her up.

Meanwhile, Jasmine instigates Gurpreet by falsely accusing Tejo of not coming to pick her up for the doctor's appointment due to which Gurpreet gets angry and scolds Tejo.

Tejo gets confused when she learns about Jasmine's lie.

Now, the latest promo of Udaariyaan has brought some really interesting twists to the story.

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Fatejo's New Plan To Trap Aman; Aman Disguises As A Joker

Tejo suspects Jasmine of foul play and immediately confronts her. 

Later, the Virk family decides to throw a grand party for Candy’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Amanpreet talks to a man about crashing Candy's birthday party in disguise and warns the Virk family by sending gifts that he will meet them at the party of his son.

Outside the party venue, Fateh assures Tejo that he has tightened the security around the party venue.

Tejo also stands with Fateh and both of them keep watching the guests entering the party.

However, Amanpreet enters the party in disguise as a joker with some hired men also disguised as jokers.

Amanpreet enters the party venue in front of Fateh and Tejo while they don’t even spare a glance towards him.

It will be really interesting to see what will happen now, Will Fateh and Tejo be able to identify Aman in the disguise of a joker? or Will Candy’s birthday party become a disaster?

Will Fateh and Tejo come to know about Jasmine's miscarriage?

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