Imlie Latest News: Starplus Serial Imlie Is Going Off Air; Will Soon Comeback With New Story In Season 2


Imlie Latest News: Starplus Serial Imlie Is Going Off Air; Will Soon Comeback With New Story In Season 2


Starplus' popular TV serial Imlie is all set to go off air very soon and this news has upset many fans.

So far in the current storyline of Imlie, we have seen that Aryan proves Imlie's innocence and saves her from going to jail.

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Meanwhile, Cheeni finds out the truth about Imlie and Aryan's relationship through Meethi and finally learns that both of them are married but separated.

Now, Cheeni has decided to play cupid and bring Aryan and Imlie together once again.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Cheeni will manage to resolve the misunderstandings between Imlie and Aryan while exposing Malini's evil deeds in front of everyone.

Finally, Cheeni will also learn that Malini is her biological mother who abandoned her 5 years ago but still considers Imlie to be her mother.

It is expected that the show will end with a happy note on Aryan and Imlie forgiving each other and starting their family with Cheeni as their daughter.

Serial Imlie is expected to end by September end. There is news that the serial's current Director and Creative Director have quit the show and this might be the reason for the show going off-air but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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Meanwhile, rumours of a second season of the well-loved show Imlie is circling the talks with the information that Imlie 2 will focus on a grown-up Cheeni's love story.

However, whether the characters of Aryan, Imlie and Malini will be seen in another season or not is yet to be revealed.

Let's see if the serial Imlie really ends with this storyline or if a new drama erupts before the ending in the upcoming episodes of the show Imlie.

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