Imlie 8th August 2022 Written Update: Malini's Plan Successful; Imlie Gets Accused; Aryan Gets Imlie Arrested


Imlie 8th August 2022 Written Update: Malini's Plan Successful; Imlie Gets Falsely Accused; Aryan Gets Imlie Arrested


Imlie Today Episode - Malini's Plan Successful; Imlie Gets Falsely Accused; Aryan Gets Imlie Arrested

At the beginning of today's Imlie 8th August 2022 episode, Aryan asks Imlie to sign the apology letter however Imlie writes Happy Bailbuddhi Dibas on the letter.

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Seeing this, Aryan tells Imlie that she'll have to pay for it but Imlie retorts that she won’t apologise for something which she didn’t commit.

Afterwards, the competition starts and when it is Cheeni's turn, she is given the topic 'Najayez' (Illegitimate).

Malini smirks and recalls how she bribed the teacher to give a humiliating topic to Cheeni.

Cheeni finds it hard to pronounce the word while the parents gossip about her due to which Cheeni starts crying and says that she doesn't want to say anything.

However, before Cheeni can get off the stage, Imlie goes to her and tells her that a word has many meanings so it depends on her perspective on how she describes it.

Due to Imlie's encouragement, Cheeni gets an idea but the parents argue that it is cheating.

However, Aryan stands up for Imlie and Cheeni and makes everybody silent.

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Afterwards, Cheeni gives an excellent speech on what she finds 'Najayez' and wins the heart of the audience.

Imlie happily hugs Meethi and is about to hug Aryan but realizes what she is doing and stops.

In the end, Cheeni wins the competition and she gives a speech about Imlie being the best for her and calls her on stage.

However, Imlie disappointedly says to Cheeni that she is still working while Aryan tells Imlie to go and be with Cheeni.

Afterwards, when the laddoos are distributed, Malini signals the man she hired and recalls how she told him to record the whole incident when the children will fall sick after eating the rotten laddoos.

Malini has bribed the men to replace Imlie’s laddoos with those rotten ones due to which the children soon start falling unconscious and Aryan and Imlie immediately calls for ambulances and help everyone.

Afterwards, as the children are being put in the ambulance, one of the men put the blame on Imlie that she brought the rotten laddoos while Malini also comes forward and states that Imlie wanted Cheeni to win the competition and that's why she brought rotten laddoos.

Hearing this, the villagers remove Cheeni from the ambulance and refuse to take her to the hospital with them.

Seeing Cheeni's condition, Imlie asks Malini for help but Malini demands her to sign the apology letter.

However, before Imlie can sign the letter, Aryan comes there in his car and takes Imlie and Cheeni to the hospital.

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Later, at the hospital, the villagers accuse Imlie while Aryan agrees with them and gets Imlie arrested for endangering the children's health.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Cheeni Requests Aryan

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Cheeni gains consciousness and asks Aryan about Imlie. 

Aryan lies to Cheeni that Imlie went out for some work however Cheeni tells him not to lie as Imlie is surely in some trouble else she would’ve been here with her. 

Cheeni requests Aryan to tell her the truth while Aryan looks at Cheeni worriedly.

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