Imlie 23 August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Imlie's Heroic Action; Malini Falls Into Her Own Trap


Imlie 23 August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Imlie's Heroic Action; Malini Falls Into Her Own Trap; Cheeni Will Expose Malini


StarPlus popular show Imlie is turning towards its very interesting twist.

So far we have seen that Imlie overhears Malini and Anu talking about a bomb at the event however Imlie doesn't know that it is Malini and Anu because Malini is disguised as a security guard.

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Finally, Imlie detects the bomb inside the mic which Cheeni takes from Aryan.

Aryan and Imlie throw the bomb-fitted mic into the air in time and save everybody's life.

Afterwards, Imlie also saves the Indian National Flag from falling down and gives an impressive speech about overthrowing the attacker's plans and celebrating Independence Day with pride.

Later, Malini gets worried when she finds out that she lost one of her earrings while Imlie finds Malini's missing earring at the event and realises that it belongs to the lady who planted the bomb.

Imlie 23 August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Malini Falls Into Her Own Trap; Cheeni Will Expose Malini

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie wonders who the lady was that planted the bomb at the Independence day event and how she got a hold of the Bhaskar Times mask.

On the other hand, Anu feels scared and tells Malini that the earring she lost at the event might put them in big trouble later.

Hearing this, Malini removes the second earring that she was still wearing to avoid getting suspected.

Just then, Malini hears people praising Imlie which annoys her and makes her furious that her plan failed once again.

However, Anu tells Malini that they should leave immediately before anyone sees them there.

Malini agrees with Anu and just as they are about to step inside the car, the Rathore family notices them and comes to greet them.

Meanwhile, Imlie goes to a police officer and gives him the lost earring that she found and informs him that it belongs to the lady who had planted the bomb.

The police officer questions Imlie if she saw who the woman was to which Imlie replies that she only saw her from behind and that she was wearing a security guard's uniform.

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At the parking lot, Malini gets worried to see the Rathore family and accidentally drops the second earring which falls to the ground.

However, Cheeni notices it and picks it up and asks Malini why she was holding it and not wearing it like normal people.

Hearing this, Malini gets worried and lies that she was just about to put them on as forget earlier.

Cheeni teases Malini for thinking about her appearance even after such a huge bomb blast incident and questions her about the second earring.

What new excuse will Malini come up with so that she can get out without being suspected of the bomb blast incident?

Will Imlie find out about Malini being the real culprit behind the bomb incident?

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