Imlie 18th August 2022 Written Update: Imlie Throws Malini And Anu Out; Re-Enters The Bhaskar Times


Imlie 18th August 2022 Written Update: Imlie Throws Malini And Anu Out; Re-Enters The Bhaskar Times


Imlie Today Episode - Imlie Throws Malini And Anu Out; Re-Enters The Bhaskar Times

At the beginning of today's Imlie 18th August 2022 episode, Imlie comes to know the truth about Aryan selling half of his shares of Bhasker Times to Malini.

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Arpita also informs Imlie about Aryan's situation and requests her to take over Bhasker Times because Aryan is not in a position to even handle himself.

Narmada tells Imlie about the events that happened five years ago and says to Imlie that she can go if she wants.

Imlie says that she needs to go and takes Cheeni’s hand and walks out of the house where Malini and Anu are standing.

Seeing Imlie, Malini smirks while Narmada pleads with Imlie to stay back through her eyes.

Malini stops Imlie and gives her a ticket as a farewell gift but Imlie insults Malini for giving her a ticket despite trying to save Bhasker Times and the worker's source of income.

Imlie furiously tears the ticket and slaps the ticket's shreds on Malini’s face.

Imlie challenges Malini that she will save Bhaskar Times and declares her re-entry into the Rathore house.

Hearing this, Narmada, Sundar, Arpita and Cheeni hug each other happily and Cheeni goes to play hide and seek with Jaggu.

Neela and Gudiya feel distressed with Imlie’s return while Malini tries to instigate Narmada against Imlie by reminding her of past events.

However, Arpita insults Malini for instigating Narmada against Imlie while Aryan interrupts the conversation and takes Imlie aside and orders her to leave.

Narmada confronts Aryan and says that she will decide who can live in her house.

Aryan tells Imlie that he is going to hate her always while Imlie says to Aryan that she is going to repair the broken wires between them.

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Afterwards, Imlie orders Malini and Anu to make their way to their own home while Imlie takes her family members into the house and closes the door on Malini and Anu's faces.

Anu warns Malini about Imlie winning Aryan's hearts once again but Manini says to Anu that she is going to do anything to stop Imlie from making her place in Aryan’s hearts.

Meanwhile, Imlie recalls Aryan and her precious moments when she sees the anklet gifted by Aryan.

Just then, Aryan comes from behind and tells Imlie that this anklet reminds him of the destruction of his family.

Meanwhile, Aryan tries to grab the anklet from Imlie but Imlie doesn't let go of the anklet.

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On the other hand, Cheeni prays to god to stop Imlie and Aryan’s fight while Narmada and Arpita assure Cheeni about Aryan and Imlie's sweet and sour relationship.

Aryan informs Imlie she that has nothing left now because everything was finished five years ago.

Episode Ends!

Imlie 19th August 2022 Episode Update

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie questions Aryan about why he created a scene in the office and says that it was not necessary. 

Aryan says to Imlie that she won’t understand his suffering and what he has lost in the last few years. 

Hearing this, Imlie asks Aryan who will understand if she can’t. 

Aryan tells Imlie that she can’t make things normal like before. Aryan further says that he has moved on and he won’t be the same person he used to be earlier.

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