Imlie 15th August 2022 Written Update: Malini Tries To Spoil Cheeni's Plan; Imlie Gets Misunderstood As Thief


Imlie 15th August 2022 Written Update: Malini Tries To Spoil Cheeni's Plan; Imlie Gets Misunderstood As Thief


Imlie Today Episode - Malini Tries To Spoil Cheeni's Plan; Imlie Gets Misunderstood As Thief

At the beginning of today's Imlie 15th August 2022 episode, Aryan tells Cheeni to eat food but she goes here and there.

Aryan asks Cheeni to change so that they can start eating comfortably. 

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After that, Aryan gives Cheeni his t-shirt to wear and calls her cute but before they could start eating, Preeta knocks on Aryan’s room door. 

Aryan asks Cheeni to hide quickly and opens the door. 

Preeta tells Aryan that she brought three types of sugar for him and says that now he has many options. 

Preeta further sneaks into Aryan's room and says that now they can eat together and talk for hours.

Meanwhile, Aryan thinks about how to send Preeta back and signals Cheeni to hide properly. 

On the other hand, Imlie is on a bus to Delhi and recalls how she use to think she can create a name for herself in the city but it snatched everything from her. 

Imlie gets emotional when she reaches Delhi and remembers the past and decides not to let her dear ones stay with strangers.

In Delhi, Aryan gives Preeta a book and asks her to finish reading the book and then he will talk to her. 

Preeta gets upset as Aryan kicks her out of his room while Cheeni gets worried thinking about Imlie's arrival to take her back to the village. 

Afterwards, Preeta asks Malini how did she impress her love of life as Aryan is not giving her any attention at all. 

However, Malini gets angry and tells Preeta not to ask any personal questions. 

Preeta calls Malini rude and says that she lost hope now and turns on the TV when Malini hears the news that Cheeni is missing from Pagdandiya. 

Malini watches the news and doubts what if Cheeni is in the Rathore house. Malini decides to check.

Meanwhile, Imlie thinks that she knows Cheeni wants to unite her and Aryan but there is no place for her in Aryan's heart anymore. 

Aryan asks Cheeni why she suddenly becomes sad and questions if she doesn't like the food to which Cheeni says that Imlie taught her not to talk while eating.

Cheeni decides to play a game with Aryan to see if he still has feelings for Imlie. 

Cheeni tells Aryan to say the first word which comes into his mind hearing her words and Aryan takes Imlie’s name when he hears the word love. 

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Cheeni teases Aryan and asks him if Imlie is his wife. Aryan tries to change the topic and shares with Cheeni that he had a wife, who was fire, and fearless and they both can go to any extent for each other however one day they lost everything. 

Aryan gets teary recalling Imlie and leaves the room while Jaggu plays with the ball and goes near Aryan’s room. 

Cheeni opens the door hearing the ball sound but Malini tricks Cheeni by throwing the ball at her from a hidden place. 

Cheeni also throws it away and gets out of the room but gets shocked to see Malini in front of her. 

Cheeni gets scared and tries to run away but hits her head and faints while Malini says that Cheeni did a good job for the first time. 

After that, Malini lifts Cheeni up and decides to leave the house before Imlie comes there to take her back and thinks that she will make sure Imlie never comes back into Aryan’s life through Cheeni.

Meanwhile, Imlie comes to the Rathore Mansion and switches the electricity off and goes inside the house.

Aryan looks for Cheeni and tells her not to panic while the other family members search for the emergency light. 

On the other hand, Anu gets annoyed and thinks that the Rathore family is so rich but still they don’t even have an inverter. 

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Meanwhile, Malini thinks that before leaving with an unconscious Cheeni she has to inform Anu too else she will start searching for her. 

In the darkness, Aryan and Imlie come face to face and feel each other’s presence and are about to touch each other.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Imlie Gets Misunderstood As Thief

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie covers herself and Cheeni with a blanket and tries to run away from the Rathore mansion.

However, the light comes back and Malini sees her while everyone suspects her as a thief. 

Meanwhile, Imlie gets nervous and hugs Cheeni.

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