Imlie 12th August 2022 Written Update: Cheeni On A Mission To Reunite Aryan And Imlie


Imlie 12th August 2022 Written Update: Cheeni On A Mission To Reunite Aryan And Imlie


Imlie Today Episode - Cheeni On A Mission To Reunite Aryan And Imlie

At the beginning of today's Imlie 12th August 2022 episode, Aryan enters through the main door and goes inside the house while Cheeni also comes out of the car and admires the house.

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Meanwhile, Preeta gets happy to see Aryan and asks him whether he missed her or not.

In Pagdandiya, Meethi tries to calm Imlie down however Imlie still insists that she has to find Cheeni as she is all alone.

In Delhi, Aryan gets on his phone and starts questioning Preeta about her biodata which makes her excited.

However, Aryan suggests to Preeta that she should apply for a post-graduation in college and also tells her she doesn't have any future with him.

Hearing this, Preeta gets upset and leaves from there while Arpita, Narmada, and Jaggu come to meet Aryan.

Meanwhile, Cheeni secretly looks on as Arpita and Narmada tease Aryan and question him about Imlie and what she's doing.

Aryan reluctantly sits with them and tells him about Imlie's life and her distant relative Cheeni and says that Cheeni is very cute.

Afterwards, Aryan tells Narmada that he doesn't want to talk about Imlie anymore which makes Narmada upset while Arpita scolds Aryan. 

Meanwhile, Cheeni accidentally gets spotted by Jaggu and she requests him to keep quiet however he runs to tell Arpita about her.

In Pagdandiya, Meethi somehow manages to convince Imlie to talk to Aryan and inform him about Cheeni's disappearance and ask him if he knows anything about it.

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Meanwhile, Aryan is sitting alone in his room and is beating himself up over the fact that he cannot change his feelings for Imlie as he recalls his marriage with her.

Then, Aryan gets emotional when he gets a call from Imlie and he starts getting flashbacks of their life together in the past.

Aryan doesn't pick up Imlie's call while Imlie feels disappointed and slides down crying.

Just then, Aryan sees the missing person news of Cheeni on the TV and immediately calls Imlie.

Aryan calmly asks Imlie what happened and Imlie cryingly tells Aryan about Cheeni disappearing since morning.

Imlie further asks Aryan if he knows anything and he declines after which he comforts Imlie and tells her that they will find Cheeni very soon.

As soon as Aryan ends the call, Cheeni makes her presence known and shocks Aryan.

Afterwards, Aryan scolds Cheeni when she informs him that she came with him in his car.

Cheeni stops Aryan from calling Imlie and lies to him that Imlie makes her do house chores and scolds her.

However, Aryan defends Imlie while Cheeni teases Aryan and asks him if he cares about Imlie.

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Cheeni says to Aryan that she doesn't want to leave but he tells her that he has to inform her family.

However, Cheeni distracts Aryan from informing Imlie and tells him that she is feeling hungry.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Imlie Comes To Rathore House

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie comes to the Rathore house while Aryan also goes in front of her.

Both of them try to touch each other with closed eyes. 

Imlie’s tear falls on Aryan's hand and they feel each other’s presence.

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