GHKKPM Today Episode 593: Sai's Fear Comes True; Virat Saves Savi From The Goons


GHKKPM Today Episode 593: Sai's Fear Comes True; Virat Saves Savi From The Goons 


At the start of today's Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyar Mein episode, Virat reads Savi's message on the tree and writes the message that the father will come soon and prays to God to make the child meet his father soon. 

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Meanwhile, Vinayak feels sleepy and puts a drawing book near Savi. 

Just then, Sai comes to check up on Vinayak and tells him to apply the balm on his legs regularly. 

Afterwards, Sai gets happy to hear that Vinayak likes to eat Modak. 

Later, Sai and Savi drop Vinayak at the camp. 

Sai encourages Vinayak to take a stand for himself in future and not get bullied by anyone. 

Just then, Virat arrives at the camp but neither Sai nor Virat sees each other and Sai leaves with Savi.

While seeing Virat, Vinayak becomes very happy and hugs Virat. 

Then, the principal informs Virat about the bullies and Vinayak's injury.

However, Vinayak tells Virat that he is absolutely fine because of the efforts of doctor aunty who looked after him yesterday. 

The principal also praises Dr Sai and informs Virat she has left for the day and will come back tomorrow. 

On the other hand, a man comes to Gulab Rao(MLA) and complains to him about Sai influencing his wife and instigates him for taking some action against Sai. 

Gulab Rao orders his goon to kidnap Savi so that Sai stops taking classes. 

Meanwhile, Savi reads Virat’s message on the tree and becomes excited and runs toward home. 

On the other hand, Virat is teaching drills to the children at the camp while Vinayak watches them. 

Vinayak looks at a boy names Akshat who bullied him yesterday and informs Virat about it and says that the doctor aunty has asked him to not keep anything from his father. 

Meanwhile, Savi returns home and gets ready to meet her daddy and takes Sai and Usha to the trees to show them the message. 

However, due to the heavy rains, the message on the tree gets washed which disappoints Savi. 

While Usha requests Sai to tell Savi about her father as she desperately waits for him and has so much to tell him. 

However, Sai gets furious and tells Usha to stop asking her to do the impossible.

Sai further says that she will not go back to living a life where she was betrayed time and again and soon Savi will also understand that her mother is sufficient for her. 

Episode Ends!

GHKKPM Upcoming Episode 594

In the upcoming episode, we will see that at the camp, Vinayak says to Savi that his father is a police officer and he is very brave. 

Hearing this, Savi becomes happy and tells Vinayak that she will also become a police officer when she grows up. 

Just then, some goons come there to kidnap Savi and Vinayak, but Vinayak fights with them. 

One goon takes Savi, while Virat comes there and asks them to leave her.

The goons threaten Virat and they start fighting with him. Virat beats up the goons while Savi gets excited to see Virat. 

A goon runs away with Savi and Virat follows him. Virat was about to get Savi but the goon throws her up in the sky.

Will Sai and Virat finally come face to face after years of separation?

Will MLA Gulab Rao face Virat's wrath for attempting to kidnap his children?

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