GHKKPM 20th August 2022 Upcoming Episode | Sai will meet Virat - Vinayak after 8 years of leap


Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein 20th August 2022 Upcoming Episode | Sai will meet Virat - Vinayak after 8 years of leap | GHKKPM


In today's emotional episode, where we saw Sai trying to find Vinayak everywhere in an injured condition.

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On the other hand, Virat with tears in his eyes tries desperately to find Sai and Vinayak.

However, the efforts of both of them fail, as Sai could not find Vinayak and Virat is unable to find Sai and Vinayak.

Later we see that Virat and Chavan family assumes Sai as dead and the whole family performs her Shradh.

Then with a leap of 8 years, the story moves forward, where we see that Sai is living in Gadchiroli with her daughter Savi. Where Savi keeps on asking Sai when her Baba (father) will come.

On the other hand, we see that Virat is on a mission and he is talking with his son Vinayak on a video call.

Now here, the makers of the show have not shown when and how the Chavan family were able to find Vinayak.

Also, they did not show if Sai did try to find Vinayak, for whom she broke all her relations with Virat and the entire Chavan family.

Later we see that Sai gets a call from City Hospital asking her to come to a children's camp as a medical advisor and when she is told that the children are coming from a school in Nagpur, Sai gets stunned.

Does Sai know that Vinayak is with the Chavan family and that her son is also a part of the same camp?

On the other side, Virat is on his way to Vinayak's camp to surprise him; however, he sees a tree on the roadside with "Baba Kab Aaoge" written by Savi for him, he reads and wonders who that kid who is remembering her Baba.

Will Virat and Vinayak be able to meet Sai in this camp?

Will Virat be able to know that he has a daughter?

We hope that someday Sai and Savi are able to meet Virat and Vinayak.

Friends, what do you think about this new storyline, please tell your thoughts in the comments below.

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