GHKKPM 13th August 2022 Written Update: Virat Suspended; Bhavani blames Sai; Pakhi to rot in jail


Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Meiin (GHKKPM) 13th August 2022 Written Update: Virat Suspended; Bhavani blames Sai; Pakhi to rot in jail


The episode begins with Virat meeting DM Harish, and DIG. They confront him about the surrogacy case and Pakhi's crimes.

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Harish says Virat was present there when Pakhi came illegally for surrogacy instead of Geeta and he did not take any action against her.

Virat tries to clarify the matter and says that he was not in a position to think wisely at that time and declares that the surrogacy process was very important for him.

Meanwhile, DIG Sir says that he is disappointed with Virat and says that he will have to face punishment for his mistake.

Here, Harish informs Virat that the matter will be inquired about and asks Virat to be present there. He also announces that Virat will be suspended and notice will be given to him, while Virat is shocked to hear this.

Harish then asks Virat to deposit his licensed gun, and tells him that he cannot wear his police uniform now, Virat gets devastated hearing all these.

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In jail, Pakhi remembers her crimes and regrets them. She remembers how she tried to get Virat's attention and even tried to steal Vinayak from Sai.

Pakhi then imagines her inner self in front of her, which reminds her of her crimes and what mess she had created in her life.

Pakhi realizes her mistakes and cries after finding herself wrong. She says to herself that she has ruined her life with her own hands.

Later, Vaishali (Pakhi's mother) comes to meet Pakhi and is devastated to see Pakhi's condition. She cries and scolds Pakhi for not listening to her warnings.

Pakhi says Vaishali was right and tells her not to be worried for her, as she deserves this punishment. Vaishali gets emotional seeing Pakhi's condition.

Vaishali asks Pakhi if she is acting to change again. To which Pakhi gives a sarcastic smile saying that her own mother is doubting her now.

Pakhi again regrets all her past mistakes, while Vaishali calls the lawyer and requests them to take the case of Pakhi. Vaishali assures Pakhi that she will do anything to bring her out of jail.

Later, Virat returns home and tells everyone about his suspension. Everyone gets shocked and asks how can they suspend Virat for Pakhi's crimes.

Hearing this, Virat informs that he was present in the hospital when Bhavani brought Pakhi for surrogacy instead of Geeta.

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Here, Sai also shows her concern for Virat, but Bhavani puts the entire blame on Sai.

Bhavani says that due to Sai's complaint against Pakhi, Virat is also suffering. Hearing all the rucks, Virat leaves from there and goes to his room.

In his room, Virat cries and curses himself that he has ruined his hard work and image in front of his seniors.

Sai tries to console Virat, while Bhavani asks Sai to withdraw her complaint against Pakhi, but Sai refuses to do so.

Later, Sai reminds the entire Chavan family about the crimes committed by Pakhi, while Ashwini and Shivani take a stand for Sai.

Karishma reminds how Samrat and Virat helped Sai when she was in the prison, at this Sai says that she was framed on false charges, while Pakhi's case is different and tells them how she attacked her for the child.

Omi says that nothing has happened to her and Pakhi has not killed anyone, while Ninad says that Pakhi's release will not help Virat's suspension getting revoked.

While Sai sticks to her decision of not withdrawing her case against Pakhi.

Episode Ends!

Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein 15 August 2022 Episode Update - Sai and Vinayak's bus meets with an accident

In the coming episode, we will see that all the family members search for Sai and Vinayak but they are nowhere to be found.

Later, Mohit comes there and tells them that Sai was seen boarding the bus for Gadcholi.

Everyone thinks why Sai going to Gadcholi, right at that time Virat gets a phone call from the police that the Gadcholi bus has met with an accident.

Hearing this, Virat is shocked and he fears for Sai and Vinayak's life.

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