GHKKPM 11th August 2022 Written Update: Pakhi Gets Arrested For Fraud; Sai And Vinayak's Bus Met With An Accident


Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 11th August 2022 Written Update: Pakhi Gets Arrested For Fraud; Sai And Vinayak's Bus Met With An Accident


GHKKPM Written Update - Pakhi Gets Arrested For Fraud; Sai And Vinayak's Bus Met With An Accident

At the start of today's Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyar Mein 11th August 2022 episode, Sai cries alone in her room while seeing the toys of her baby. 

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Virat brings food for Sai but she ignores him and lies down.

After 14 days, Pakhi dresses up Vinayak when Sai comes there and tells Pakhi to put on the sweater on Vinayak as it is cold outside. 

However, Pakhi argues with Sai but had to give in when Vinayak starts sneezing. 

After that, Sai and Pakhi get into an argument while Sai tells Pakhi that soon she will know how far she can go for the truth.

Later, in the hall, the Chavan family plan for the festivities around Vinayak when Pakhi comes down with Vinayak. 

Just then, the police come there to arrest Pakhi.

Everyone gets shocked to hear about Pakhi’s arrest and Bhavani asks the police who has filed a complaint against Pakhi and they inform everyone that it was Sai. 

Sai accuses Pakhi of fraud and attacking her through goons while becoming a surrogate mother to her and Virat’s child. 

Sai also tells the family members that Pakhi has gone to Geetha’s house and scared them by showing false documents which forced them to back out at the last minute. 

However, Bhavani defends Pakhi and says that Sai is only taking revenge for taking Vinayak from her but she will not let it happen. 

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The police inform Virat that Geetha has testified against Pakhi while Karishma feels amazed to hear Pakhi's conspiracy against Sai. 

Sai also reveals that the goons who attacked Sai were sent by Pakhi. 

After confirming everything with the Police, Virat gets angry to hear about Pakhi’s plotting and planning against Sai. 

However, Pakhi continues to deny the allegations until Bhavani strictly questions her point blank. 

Pakhi defends herself and says that she did everything for Virat and Virat alone. 

Sai gets furious and tells Pakhi that she has risked their child’s life just to fulfil her desire.

Everybody accuses Pakhi of stooping so low and trying to risk Sai’s life. 

Meanwhile, Ashwini questions Bhavani for being Pakhi's ally in this conspiracy but Bhavani tells them she was in the dark about Pakhi’s planning. 

Later, Bhavani says to Virat that she will punish Pakhi herself and asks him not to involve the police in this as it is a matter of family reputation. 

However, Virat refuses to comply and says that Pakhi will have to go to Jail to pay for her crimes.

Pakhi tries to use Vinayak as an excuse and requests Virat not to send her to jail but Sai tells Pakhi that her child is her responsibility and she will take care of him by herself. 

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Sai asks the police to take Pakhi into custody and go and today no one can stop Pakhi from being arrested.

Episode Ends!

GHKKPM Upcoming Story - Sai And Vinayak's Bus Met With An Accident

In the upcoming episode, we will see that all the family members search for Sai and Vinayak but they are nowhere to be found.

Later, Mohit comes there and informs them that Sai was seen boarding the bus to Gardcholi.

Everyone starts contemplating Sai going to Gadhcholi when Virat gets informed by the police that the Gardcholi bus met with an accident.

Hearing this, Virat gets shocked and fears for Sai and Vinayak's life. 

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