BPKH 20th August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh apologises to Shakuntala; Kaamna threatens Pankaj


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh apologises to Shakuntala; Kaamna threatens Pankaj


At the start of the episode, Rahul brings Zoon and Anjali to the Malhotra mansion. He asks them to wait until he will bring Ritesh here and they both oblige.

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Anjali tells Zoon till date she has seen such a huge house in films only. Zoon tells her that, even she also said the same to Vivek when she came here for the first time.

Anjali receives a call so she goes to attend it. Zoon then hears someone coughing so she wonders who it’s and goes to where Shakuntala is.

The caretaker asks Zoon who she is and who she wants to meet.

Zoon tells that she is here to meet her genie Ritesh. She then asks the caretaker why she is sitting in a wheelchair.

The caretaker says Shakuntala can’t walk. Zoon tells even she can’t walk and says the same pinch. She then sees Shakuntala crying so she goes inside the room and wipes her tears.

Zoon tells Shakuntala her mother told her crying is a bad habit and asks her not to cry.

Zoon also adds that she will talk to her doctor and bring her one that she is wearing on her leg so that she can walk also. Zoon asks the nurse if Shakuntala is her mother.

The nurse says it's Ritesh’s mother and takes the food in her hand to feed her. Zoon questions why Shakuntala can’t able to have food on her own.

The nurse tells because Shakuntala is ill. She also tells even Shakuntala cant talk.

Zoon tells Shakuntala that her mother told her one should stay strong at heart to fight against their illness so asks Shakuntala to be strong so she will recover soon. Shakuntala smiles at Zoon.

Ritesh stands out of his room and calls out to Zoon. Zoon happily tells Shakuntala her genie Ritesh is here so she will go and talk to him.

Zoon tells Ritesh that she met his mother. Ritesh forces a smile on his face and asks Zoon to come with him to the other room so they can talk about what she wants.

Zoon tells Ritesh that his mother is hungry and tells him she is tired too. Whenever she feels that way her mother feeds her food so asks Ritesh to do the same to Shakuntala.

Ritesh gets shocked and uncomfortable. He kneels in front of Zoon and tells her that he can't able to do that so asks her to come with him.

Zoon questions why he can't. Ritesh tells her she won't understand even if he tells her so asks her to come with him.

Shakuntala hears this conversation and also gets to see a glimpse of Ritesh’s wrist and gets emotional. Ritesh takes Zoon with him.

Zoon stops Ritesh and asks him if can’t see his mother is hungry and he is supposed to feed her food which he is refusing and asks him to do what she is asking him to.

Ritesh tells Zoon to ignore this, and they can talk about the reason behind her wanting to meet him.

Zoon tells that she won't tell him unless he does what he asks her to. Ritesh tells Zoon not to be stubborn and tries to drag her with him at the same time Zoon tries to remove Ritesh’s hold from her hand.

Zoon misses her balance and stumbles Ritesh saves her from falling to the ground and apologises to Zoon.

Zoon asks Ritesh to go and feed his mother food again but Ritesh refuses so she calls him a bad guy because bad people only do things like this also she doesn’t want to talk to him and she won’t meet him hereafter.

Ritesh gets shocked. He then says to Zoon she is right and that he is a bad guy. Zoon gets sad and tells Ritesh he is a good boy, not a bad one.

Ritesh tells she has no idea what he did to his parents and cries. Zoon wipes his tears and asks him not to cry. Ritesh hugs her close and recalls the incident of how he lost his father.

The FB shows a kid Ritesh who is playing with his aunt Dolly and receives a call from his father.

The kid Ritesh tells his father the toy they can get only from Pune if they don’t bring him then he won't talk to them and cuts the call.

Dolly advises him not to be a stubborn boy. Dolly then attends the call and asks Ritesh's parents not to go to Pune in this weather condition to fulfil their kid’s wish.

Dolly then agrees to take care of Ritesh until they return and cuts the call.

Dolly then tells the kid Ritesh that their parents are going to Pune to get the toy. Ritesh calls them the best parents. The FB ends.

Ritesh falls to the ground from his kneeling position hearing the accident sound and cries saying he is a bad person because of his stubbornness he lost his father and his mother.

Zoon wipes his tears and asks him to apologise to his mother if he thinks that he did something.

Ritesh refuses but Zoon takes him to Shakuntala’s room. Shakuntala gets emotional seeing him.

Ritesh kneels infront of Shakuntala. He breaks down saying he doesn't want the toy but his parents also apologise to him.

Zoon smiles seeing Ritesh hugging his mother.

Episode Ends!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 22nd August 2022 Written Update:

In the upcoming episode, Sunita and Rajender bring Zoon out of the house and remove the blindfold.

Indu, Vivek, Asha and other few people dance in front of Zoon while the rain is pouring.

Zoon gets happy and claps her hand. Indu apologises to Zoon.

On another side, Kaamna threatens Pankaj and Pankaj gets furious.

Kaamna loses her grip on the wheelchair she is holding. Both Kaamna and Pankaj look on shocked.

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