BPKH 17th August 2022 Written Update: Will Indu-Ritesh say sorry to each other


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17th August 2022 Written Update: Zoon and Ritesh spend quality time together; Will Indu-Ritesh say sorry to each other | BPKH


The episode begins with Indu asking the teacher how she can send Zoon even after knowing that he has a test.

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The teacher remembers Ritesh's words about Indu's anger. She takes things to her side which are on the table and asks Indu to calm down and asks Indu if she has taken her medicines or not. Indu gets confused.

Indu ignores the teacher and asks her how they can be so irresponsible by sending Zoon out of school even though he knows he has a test.

What if they send him out and later complain that Zoon failed his test?

Indu also says that she will have to pay to teach the children a lesson so that they are not sent out like this, especially when they have exams.

The teacher once again tells Indu to calm down and tells her that they will manage the situation because as a woman Indu also understands that while taking medicines she has taken care of everything that is real from her end. must be extremely difficult.

Indu loses her cool and asks the teacher what the hell she is doing.

The teacher tells her that Ritesh told her about her nature issues. She also says that she knows that her mother is now hospitalized and that her father's hand is also broken.

Indu gets angry and thinks about what is wrong with Ritesh and why is he involved in all this.

On the other hand, Ritesh and Zoon decide to spend a day together. Zoon enjoys his day with Ritesh. Ritesh buys a lot of gifts for her.

Vivaan tells Sameer about Kadambari's recent achievement at Malhotra's haveli.

Deep hears this and after seeing Kadambari's picture says that in college days Kadambari of brother was his Zoonior and he is more popular.

Sameer makes Deep sit on his chair and gets to know more about Kadambari from him.

Deep tells that Kadambari and another boy were in love with each other which everyone in college knows.

He also tells that later heard that they both are planning to run away as the boy's family refused to accept Kadambari as they belong to a particular community.

Sameer tells Deep that as long as he knows that Kadambari is alone. Deep tells that he doesn't know anything else and leaves the place saying that he is getting late for his office.

Sameer laughs and tells Vivaan that he wanted a scrap but learned a lot from Deep who will help him control Kadambari after learning the real truth which will help him make his career and smile.

Kamna gets upset seeing the message on Pankaj's mobile. She decides to stop Pankaj from going to Bangkok. Zoon tells Ritesh that she thoroughly enjoyed her day with him and advises him to do the same every day.

Ritesh advises her that this is not the right thing and she should concentrate on her studies. Indu calls Ritesh and asks him to immediately leave Zoon at their house. Ritesh accepted Indu's words.

Zoon jokingly says that Indu is not going to spare Ritesh. Kamna learns from Rahul that Ritesh has cancelled the interview for Zoon.

She then asks about the model who texts Pankaj sharing the excitement of spending the day with her in Bangkok. She also learns that Ritesh's new film needs a cameo that too in two days.

Kamna smiles and tells herself that this time Pankaj has no other option but to cancel his plan.

Indu tells her parents that Zoon was an obedient child to date, but she doesn't know what suddenly happened to her that she started fighting with her classmates and also bunked her classes. Zoon comes home with gifts from Ritesh.

Indu learns that Ritesh is taking selfies with Securities. She goes outside and gets angry seeing Ritesh. She thinks that he has to be taught a lesson and goes to him determinedly, but loses her balance causing her to fall on Ritesh who grabs her.

They both stare at each other. The security guard disturbs them both. Indu tells Ritesh that she wants to talk to him in private. Ritesh follows her. Indu asks her who is to take Zoon out without her permission.

Ritesh justifies his actions that Zoon was scared so he let the teacher call him. Indu told him that today was the Zoon exam.

Ritesh tells him that he does not know but he will talk to the principal. Indu tells that she doesn't want any special treatment for her child, she doesn't care if she thinks she is a bad mother.

She then begs him to stay away from Zoon. Sunita and Rajender see this and Sunita gets worried seeing the logic. Ritesh insults Indu by saying that she is not a good mother.

Indu warns Ritesh not to point toward her upbringing, but he refuses so Indu brings Shakuntala and tells Ritesh that he failed as a son because he hurts his mother and you can see the loneliness.

Ritesh warns Indu not to interrupt her mother and also tells her how Anjali misbehaved with Sunita the next day and asks her not to behave like that too in front of Zoon. Hides the truth of being divorced.

Indu gets angry and tells Ritesh not to say anything about her ability to take care of her child. She then warns Ritesh not to meet Zoon after this but Ritesh tells her that he will meet Zoon and asks Indu to do whatever he wants and then he leaves the place.

Episode Ends!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Will Indu-Ritesh say sorry to each other?

Payal requests Indu to apologize to Ritesh for the sake of her boss.

On the other hand, Ritesh tells Rahul that he will say sorry after Indu apologizes.

Indu tells that it is Ritesh that she has to say sorry.

Later Ritesh's maid tells him that Indu has come to meet him. Both Ritesh and Indu look at each other.

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