BPKH 16th August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh gets furious; warns Indu for Zoon


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th August 2022 Written Update: Ritesh gets furious; warns Indu for Zoon | BPKH


At the beginning of the episode, Anjali ties a rakhi to Indu and then performs the ritual. Indu gives gifts to Anjali.

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Asha performs the Rakhi ritual with Indu. Sunita tells them that it is not necessary to celebrate Rakshabandhan with their siblings.

It can be celebrated with those who always protect them like their brother and sister. Rajendra agrees and they both go inside the kitchen.

Zoon brings Vivek to their home. Then she ties a rakhi on Vivek's wrist and performs rituals with him. Vivek gives a chocolate box to Zoon as a gift and the latter becomes happy.

Vivek gives Indu another gift saying that it is for Zoon and tells her that he has opened an account for Zoon in which he will put money every month after Zoon turns eighteen so that they can be paid for his higher education. Don't have to worry about it.

Indu, Anjali and Asha get emotional. Vivek teases them. Zoon tells Vivek that Rakhi doesn't look good in his hand, so Asha asks Vivek to tie Rakhi. Vivek shouts no and Asha also looks uneasy.

Indu notices their uneasiness so she tells Zoon to get ready for school. She also suggests Vivek leave his office which is his first day.

Vivek happily agreed. At school, Zoon gets into a fight with his classmate Aryan. Her other classmates surround both Zoon and Aryan and support their favourites.

There comes a group of teachers. One of them goes and separates both Aryan and Zoon. She scolds them both and asks them what happened.

Aryan asks the teacher to pour water into his drawing book. Zoon mistakenly tells that she pours water in it. Aryan's friend tells the teacher that Zoon did this intentionally.

Zoon's friend tells the teacher that it is Aryan who started a fight by calling Ritesh a bad boy. Aryan tells that Zoon's friend is lying and it is Zoon who first pours water on his drawing book.

Zoon gets angry so she throws water at Aryan which leaves the teacher shocked. She scolds both the kids and says that she will call both their parents.

Indu comes out of her house and gets a call from Satish. She looks at her phone. Satish follows her and Indu is shocked to see her.

Satish reminds her of the loan taken from her two years ago for Zoon's treatment and she has not repaid it yet.

He also threatens to cripple her by saying that he leaves if he fails to repay her saying that he is giving her a week's time.

At school, the teacher tells Zoon that she is going to call her mother. Zoon gets worried.

She remembers giving her number to Ritesh, so she gives the teacher Ritesh's number, it is her mother's new number.

Rahul informed Ritesh about his work today. She then gets a call from Zoon's teacher who tells her that she wants to talk to Indu.

Ritesh gets confused but understands that Zoon is in trouble so he asks the teacher to tell him as his mother is busy now.

The teacher tells him about the fight that happened and tells her that she wants Zoon's mother to stay at school and then disconnects the call.

Ritesh asks the driver to take a U-turn and go to Zoon's school. Rahul scolds her and reminds her about their meetings which include the interview which is with Kadambari.

Ritesh tells Rahul that he will handle the matter and will call Kadambari. Kadambari lovingly asks her where is she.

Ritesh asks her to postpone the interview to some other day as she has some important work to do.

Kadambari gets furious and tells Ritesh that he cannot wait like this to cancel her and asks him to act professionally.

Ritesh tells her not to talk to him about the professionalism that he lacks and the proof is to post Zoon's face in the newspaper without permission and asks him to postpone.

Kadambari tells her that she is busy all week. Ritesh tells her that it is not his problem, and then disconnects the call. Kadambari feels humiliated so she decides to teach Ritesh a lesson.

At Indu's office, her boss learns through Payal that Indu knows Ritesh well, so he plans to invite Ritesh for the Independence Day celebrations. He refuses to listen to Indu's words which upsets her.

She goes to her place and Anjali gets a call she learns that Anjali has extra classes so she decides to take Zoon.

Ritesh comes to the school to meet the teacher. The teacher tells him that she does not want to meet Indu.

Ritesh tells the teacher that Sunita fell in the bathroom so Indu went to take care of her mother. The teacher is shocked and asks about his health.

Ritesh then tells the teacher that he and Indu are friends, so she can tell him what happened and that he called them that way.

The teacher explains that Zoon is always a kind and disciplined girl, but she doesn't know what happened to her today, she gets into a fight with one of her classmates which is not right.

She then asks Ritesh to inform Indu about this. Ritesh lies to the teacher that Indu has anger problems, and even Zoon's grandparents are not in the right position to take care of Zoon.

The teacher gets emotional and asks Ritesh to take Zoon with him so that he can meet Sunita. Zoon gets happy and moves in with Ritesh.

Later Indu comes to pick up Zoon from her school but is shocked to learn that Zoon left with Ritesh during school time itself.

Episode Ended!

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17 August 2022 Upcoming Episode | BPKH:-

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Indu questions Ritesh about his upbringing. Ritesh gets furious and warns Indu not to bring his mother into it. He also asks her why she didn't tell Zoon that she is divorced.

They both get into a big argument. Indu warns Ritesh not to come near Zoon after this, but Ritesh tells her that he will meet Zoon whenever he wants and he has no say in that.

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