Anupama Upcoming Twist: Kavya will tell the truth to the police; Anupama trusts Vanraj; will save him from going to jail


Anupama Upcoming Twist: Kavya will tell the truth to the police; Anupama trusts Vanraj; will save him from going to jail


In the last episode, we saw that Vanraj tries to tell the truth to Anupama, but he is unable to tell the whole thing. On the other hand, Samar overhears their conversation.

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Star Plus' popular serial 'Anupama' remains at the top of the TRP list. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer 'Anupama' continues to see such twists and turns, which have kept the fans hooked to the show.

In the last episode of 'Anupama', it was shown that Vanraj starts remembering the things that happened near the ditch.

At the same time, blood clots accumulate in Anuj's brain, for which doctors talk about brain surgery. Anupama immediately gives her consent to the doctors for brain surgery.

Anupama's upcoming interesting story:-

During Anuj's brain surgery, Anupama stands outside the operation theatre and in the meantime feels dizzy.

Just then Toshu comes there and takes care of Anupama and says every time Samar is with you, but this time I am with you. Seeing Toshu with her, Anupama's courage increases.

Vanraj regains consciousness and tells Kavya to call Anupama and tries to tell her the truth. But he is just able to say, Anuj in the ditch.

Before Vanraj could complete his sentence, Samar and Kavya listen to all those things. Although Anupama has full faith in Vanraj, she waits for their conversation to be over and also convinces Samar that Vanraj cannot do this.

Did Barkha push Anuj into the ditch?

Adhik and Ankush are about to leave the hospital when Barkha comes there. On seeing her, Ankush asks him if she has done all this, to which Barkha replies yes I did.

I am behind all this. But immediately she taunts them saying, "I was the one who took them near the ditch and pushed them. You guys have gone mad, I'm not a criminal who would do that."

After listening to the conversation between Vanraj and Anupama, Kavya calls the police, which leaves Leela upset.

Leela with tears in her eyes and folded hands pleads in front of Anupama and tells her not to file a complaint against Vanraj. Anupama breaks down hearing Leela's words.

Now, what stand will Anupama take for Anuj and Vanraj, will she ever come to know about Ankush-Barkha's conspiracy?

Also, Kavya probably knows something about this tragic incident, will she reveal it to Anupama?

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