Anupama 24th August 2022 Upcoming Episode: Anuj comes out of the coma to rescue Anupama


Anupama 24th August 2022 Written Update: Barkha and Ankush start Mahabharata; Anuj comes out of the coma to rescue Anupama


In today's episode, we saw how Barkha and Ankush, finding Anupama alone and taking advantage of Anuj's weakness, humiliate Anupama.

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Anupama 25th August 2022 Upcoming Episode

Both Barkha and Ankush cross their limits and do not hesitate to taunt and accuse Anupama in the worst possible manner.

Whereas Anuj, who is unable to speak right now, can hear everything and can feel everything, he is unable to see Anupama being insulted and slowly his fingers start moving.

Concern for Anupama is clearly visible on Anuj's face and in his eyes.

In the upcoming episode of Anupama we will see that after Barkha gives notice to Anupama, Ankush tells Anupama that from today he will take over the entire Kapadia Empire.

On this Anupama, who still has not bowed before these devils, she says that you people have started Mahabharata.

However, you have forgotten that when Mahabharata starts, Kanhaji comes to fight for the truth.

Then Anuj, with the blessings of Kanhaji, comes out of the coma and calls Anupama's name.

The nurse goes running toward Anupama and tells her about Anuj's condition; everyone is stunned to hear this.

Will Anuj come out of the coma to rescue Anupama at the right time from the devils like Barkha and Ankush?

What will happen to Barkha, Ankush and Adhik after Anuj regains his consciousness?

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