Anupama 1st August 2022 Written Update: Anuj Loses His Temper And Criticizes Shahs' Selfishness


Anupama 1st August 2022 Written Update: Anuj Loses His Temper And Criticizes Shahs' Selfishness; Anuj Gets Upset With Hasmukh


Anupama Today Episode - Anuj Loses His Temper And Criticizes Shahs' Selfishness; Anuj Gets Upset With Hasmukh

At the beginning of today's Anupama 1st August 2022 episode, Vanraj tells Anuj to take Anupama and little Anu away from the Shah family.

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Anuj reminds Vanraj how he gave a job to Kavya and Vanraj, and got their house back from Rakhi Dave as a favour.

Anuj also asks Leela how can she neglect Anupama being so supportive when even Vanraj went against her for kicking out Hasmukh.

Then, Anuj calls Toshu spineless as he was living peacefully in a penthouse gifted by his mother-in-law Rakhi whereas his wife was not there. 

Anuj also takes a dig at Pakhi by telling her that it’s not her fault solely but the entire Shah family doesn't know a thing about growing up and maturity.

Vanraj and Anuj get into a serious fight and scuffle and defend their own families.

Kavya and Kinjal support Anupama but the Shah family still accuses her and tell her to never return to the Shah house and break all ties.

Kinjal gets extremely sad and upset and requests Anupama not to punish her because of somebody else’s mistakes.

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After the exit from Anupama, an angry Paras Kalnawat said

Kavya and Kinjal try to stop Anupama from taking such a firm decision and request Pakhi to reconsider her decision.

However, Pakhi repents that she is Anupama’s daughter and leaves Anupama heartbroken.

Anupama recalls the sweet moments she had spent with Pakhi.

Anuj tells Anupama that he is waiting for her outside and in his heart, he breaks all ties with the Shah family.

Everybody gets confused when Anupama requests to talk to all the females of the Shah house before leaving the house.

Anuj gets annoyed by the Shah family's behaviour and rages up.

Meanwhile, Hasmukh tells little Anu a story and teaches her a lesson to always be kind towards others.

On the other hand, Anupama feels extremely hurt by Pakhi’s actions and she will preserve the pain given by her. 

Anupama says that no matter how much Pakhi hates her, she would never be able to hate her and nobody can change the fact that Pakhi is her daughter. 

Anupama also apologizes to Leela on Anuj’s behalf as she considers her as her mother.

Anupama feels relieved to know that Rakhi is going to stay at the Shah house till Kinjal’s delivery and suggests Rakhi not to pick fights with Leela often.

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Overwhelmed with sadness, Kinjal can’t stop crying and requests Anupama not to leave the Shah house.

Anupama hugs Kinjal and asks her not to cry. Anupama prays to God that Kinjal should not see a day like her after becoming a mother.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Anuj Gets Upset With Hasmukh

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Hasmukh asks Anuj if Anupama will not come to meet him too to which Anuj replies that he is always absent when Anupama gets insulted. 

Meanwhile, Anupama says that she is leaving the Shah house but who knows God will bring her back again. 

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