Anupama 19th August 2022 Written Update: Anupama's New Challenge; Barkha & Ankush's Evil Conspiracy


Anupama 19th August 2022 Written Update: Anupama's New Challenge; Barkha & Ankush's Evil Conspiracy


Anupama Today Episode - Anupama's New Challenge; Barkha & Ankush Conspire To Take Over The Kapadia Empire

At the beginning of today's Anupama 19th August 2022 episode, the compounders explain the functions of the machines to Anupama before leaving.

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Anupama sits beside Anuj and tells him not to worry as she will manage everything for him. 

Anupama calls little Anu to meet Anuj who suggests that they should click a photo every day.

Afterwards, Anupama warns little Anu to be careful of Anuj's medical equipment and asks her not to enter Anuj's room in her absence.

Later, Anupama enters the living room and Barkha tells her that she has called a first-class nurse to replace this 3rd class one.

Barkha further mentions that she need not worry about business as Ankush and Adhik will take care of it, and if necessary she would take over the office. 

Anupama understands Barkha’s ulterior motives very well and retorts that she will take all the decisions about Anuj as well as his business. 

Anupama further reminds Barkha that the next day is Janmashtmi and asks everyone to celebrate it with zeal and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Pakhi and Adhik meet outside and Pakhi tells him that she misses him and wants to stay together with him forever.

At the Kapadia house, Anupama, Samar, GK, Hasmukh, and Toshu discuss the preparation for the festival of Janmashtmi.

Anupama comes there and asks Samar about the function of the Smartwatch to set alarms and timers.

Just then, Barkha comes to Anupama and tells her to sign a cheque however, Anupama refuses to sign it.

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Hearing this, Barkha and Ankush get furious at Anupama and say they don’t need money for their personal use. 

However, Anupama tells them that Anuj didn't want to work with that client so she will not sign the check until Anuj wakes up and approves it. GK also intervenes and says that Anuj did tell about this to him too.

Barkha lashes out at GK that he is just a servant but Anupama yells at Barkha and tells her that Anuj considers GK his mother and father and not a servant.

Barkha is about to say more but Anupama’s alarm rings and she asks Barkha to stay quiet since it is time for Anuj’s medication and leaves which makes Barkha more infuriated. 

After some time, Anupama comes back and asks Barkha about the matter.

Barkha begins shouting at Anupama and says that the way Anupama does not trust her, they also don't trust her in the same way.

Barkha further declares to Ankush that they will hire a nurse for Anuj and will also place CCTV cameras in his room to know what’s going on.

Barkha further puts allegations that Anupama and Vanraj are teamed up to steal Anuj’s business.

Barkha insults Anupama and tells her that she is going to go file a complaint against Vanraj to which Anupama asks Barkha to go in a rickshaw since Anuj’s car keys are with her.

Furthermore, Anupama makes it clear to Barkha and Ankush that she wants to stay with everyone peacefully.

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Finally, Anupama tells Barkha that whatever came to her mind, she spoke it today however, the next day is Janmastmi as well as Anuj's birthday and she wants happiness and peace in the house and no drama, especially from her side. 

Barkha retorts to Anupama and questions her about what will she do if things do not go according to her wish to which Anupama declares that she will do what Anuj wanted to do and was about to announce after the Pooja that day.

Hearing Anupama's warning, Barkha and Ankush become speechless.

Episode Ends!

Anupama 20th August 2022 Episode Update

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anupama hugs Anuj and tells him that the next day is his birthday and it will be very special.

On the other hand, Barkha and Ankush conspire to take over the Kapadia Empire and decide to throw Anupama out of the Kapadia house.

In the Shah House, Vanraj feels guilty and fears that he might have pushed Anuj off the cliff and decides to go to meet Anuj on his birthday and ask for forgiveness.

Later, Barkha and Ankush go to meet a lawyer and Barkha asks Ankush to clear all the legal formalities so that their future is safe in Anuj's business.

Barkha further tells Ankush to take care of the business while she will take care of the next day's function and Anuj's birthday party.

Meanwhile, Anupama excitedly makes preparations for Anuj's birthday with GK and little Anu.

What legal matters Barkha and Ankush are dealing with?

How will Anupama fight against Barkha's new conspiracy?

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