Anupama 18th August 2022 Written Update: Anuj Retuns Home; Barkha Shows Her Real Face; Anupama Warns Barkha


Anupama 18th August 2022 Written Update: Anuj Returns Home; Barkha Shows Her Real Face To Anupama; Anupama threatens To Throw Barkha Out


Anupama Today Episode - Anuj Returns Home; Barkha Shows Her Real Face To Anupama; Anupama threatens To Throw Barkha Out

At the beginning of today's Anupama 18th August 2022 episode, Leela, Hasmukh, Kavya, and Toshu bring Vanraj home where Kinjal, Pakhi and Dolly do his welcome pooja.

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Leela thanks god for safely bringing Vanraj back while Vanraj requests god for a healthy recovery of Anuj too.

Leela tells Vanraj to rest when she brings food for him but they get interrupted by little Anu who comes with a sketched moustache and scolds Vanraj for his way of driving.

Little Anu tells Vanraj that everyone was sad in his absence and calls him a friend of Anuj. Hearing little Anu's words, Vanraj and others feel touched and Vanraj hugs her.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Anupama plays a game with Anuj who is still in a coma and orders him to sit upright as she wins the game.

Suddenly, Anuj starts opening his eyes and speaks up in incoherent sentences that he wants to go home for little Anu.

Anupama understands and supports Anuj but he blanks out again.

On the other hand, Barkha informs Ankush and Adhik of what she heard in the hospital and makes it clear that Vanraj is responsible for the accident even though Vanraj has lost his memory or pretending.

Barkha tells both of them to take things in their favour and her revenge on the Shah family.

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In the hospital, the doctor explains to Anupama that Anuj is showing good signs of recovery while Anupama asks him if she could take him home.

The doctor tells Anupama that extra care has to be taken for that and sometimes the relatives get tired of handling the patient’s mood swings so he asks her to think about it properly and then decide.

In the Shah house, everyone decides to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami since Vanraj got back and to pray for Anuj's recovery. Vanraj reminds everyone that Anuj’s birthday is on Janmashtmi itself and Leela looks at him surprised.

Vanraj further expresses his wish for Anuj to wake up on Janmashtmi and gets irritated with himself for losing his memory of the incident.

The family consoles Vanraj and assures him that they trust him even though Kavya looks at him suspiciously.

Meanwhile, Barkha is about to go to the hospital when Anupama calls Ankush and informs him that Anuj is coming home.

Hearing this, everyone gets shocked and Ankush asks Anupama if Anuj has woken up, while Barkha makes an exceptionally shocking and frightened expression.

However, Anupama tells Ankush that Anuj did wake up only to pass out again but said he wished to go home, so she decided to bring him home. 

Barkha asks Ankush to do something quickly before Anuj’s recovery. 

In the Kapadia House, Anuj returns home on a stretcher and everyone energetically welcomes him.

Barkha again taunts Hasmukh for the blame on Vanraj pushing Anuj but Hasmukh stays silent and even asks Toshu to not tell about this to Anupama and destroy her happiness.

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Anupama threatens to slap Vanraj

Meanwhile, Leela asks Vanraj why he is frustrated to which Vanraj tells her that he is scared for Anuj and shocks Leela by saying what if he did push Anuj off the cliff as he can’t remember anything.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Anupama threatens To Throw Barkha Out

In the upcoming episode, we will see Barkha and Ankush come with a cheque and ask Anupama to sign it.

However, Anupama denies to sign it and says that she will read the documents and then sign them.

Hearing this, Barkha gets furious and raises her voice at Anupama and says that, the way Anupama does not trust her and the same way they also don't trust her.

Barkha further declares to Ankush that they will hire a nurse for Anuj and also place CCTV cameras in his room.

Anupama gets stunned at Barkha's boldness as she knows her true face and how she wants to steal Anuj's business.

Coming face to face with Barkha, Anupama confronts her in front of the entire family.

Anupama further says to Barkha that whatever came to her mind, she spoke it today however, the next day is Janmastmi as well as Anuj's birthday.

Anupama warns Barkha that she wants happiness and peace in the house and no drama, especially from her side.

Barkha retorts to Anupama and questions her about what will she do if things do not go according to her wish.

Anupama declares that she will exactly do what Anuj wanted to do on the day of the Pooja.

Will Barkha and her family be thrown out of the Kapadia House? 

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