Anupama 12 August 2022 Written Update: Leela cries with folded hands and begs Anupama not to...


Anupama 12 August 2022 Written Update: Vanraj reveals that he pushed Anuj into the ditch; Leela cries with folded hands and begs Anupama not to send Vanraj to jail


At the beginning of today's episode, we see that Vanraj is shifted to ICU and later he regains consciousness.

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Kavya informs Leela, Samar, Hasmuk and Paritosh that Vanraj is regaining consciousness. They all see Vanraj from outside the ICU room, while Samar notices and says that something is bothering Vanraj.

Vanraj who is still not fully conscious remembers his moment with Anuj.

Vanraj who is driving Anuj's car very fast, at this Anuj asks him to stop the car on the side. Vanraj who is very angry with Anuj increases the speed of the car.

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Now Anuj also seems to lose his patience and in a loud voice asks Vanraj to stop the car. Vanraj finally stops the car after Anuj repeatedly says this.

Both get out of the car and then Anuj asks Vanraj if he is afraid to talk to him.

Hearing this, Vanraj says that he is not afraid of him. Then Vanraj who is angry with Anuj accuses Anuj of trying to take his place in his family life.

To this Anuj says that he has not broken his promise, not to snatch Vanraj's family from him. He asks Vanraj to end the conversation soon, as he has to go back to his family.

Vanraj says that he has taken away his family from him and at the same time he also says that on the day of Rakshabandhan his entire family went to Anuj and he is left alone.

Anuj tells Vanraj that his family is with him, and it is not his fault. Then Anuj says that the Shah family keeps on doing drama from time to time. Then Anuj asks Vanraj what does he want from him?

Vanraj asks Anuj to talk to Anupama to distance herself from the Shah family. Anuj says that he also wants the Shah and Kapadia families to meet occasionally only during some festivals.

Vanraj does not agree with Anuj and says that their families should never meet. Hearing this, Anuj questions Vanraj as to who is he who to take the decision of others' life.

Vanraj asks Anuj to stop such talks and understand him. Anuj tells Vanraj that he himself does not listen to Hasmuk, but wants others to listen to him.

Hearing this Vanraj becomes aggressive and he accuses Anupama of snatching Hasmuk first from him and then accuses him of snatching his family too. After this, the tension between both Anuj and Vanraj increases.

Back into reality; we see that in the ICU, Vanraj is getting restless remembering all this, when the doctor sees this and starts to treat him.

Kavya, who is watching Vanraj from outside the ICU, starts worrying that something bad will happen to Vanraj.

Seeing Kavya upset, Anupama tells Kavya to stay positive and tells her to have faith that everything will be alright.

Kavya, who is in tears, asks Anupama from where she brings so much strength and positivity.

Anupama says that her mother Kanta has taught her to always be positive. She says nothing will happen to Vanraj and Anuj.

Just then the doctor comes out of the ICU and tells Anupama that Anuj has a blood clot in his brain and needs immediate surgery and also tells her about the risks of this surgery.

Hearing this we see the tension on Anupama's face, but Anupama tries to keep herself strong and asks the doctor to do surgery and save Anuj.

A sad Anupama looks at Anuj and says that they have fought many big battles before and this time too will pass.

Anuj is then taken for brain surgery, while Anupama and GK stand sadly watching Anuj taken for surgery.

Anupama prays to God for Anuj's recovery. The doctor and his team discuss the complications of the operation and the senior doctor tells his junior to be careful during the treatment.

On the other hand, Vanraj regains consciousness and outside the ICU we see Samar comforting Anupama.

While Ankush asks Adhik about Barkha's whereabouts. Ankush also says that, if Barkha is behind this accident, then he will not spare her, as Anuj is his brother and nothing will happen to him.

Then, Adhik tells Ankush that in Anuj's absence, they need to handle everything now. Anupama probably overhears their conversation and gives both Ankush and Adhik stares.

The Shah family then goes to meet Vanraj in the ICU room. On the other hand, Vanraj once again becomes restless after remembering that incident.

Episode Ended!

Anupama August 13, 2022 Episode Update: Leela pleads with folded hands to Anupama not to send Vanraj to jail:-

In the coming episode, we will see that Vanraj tries to tell Anupama that he pushed Anuj into the ditch.

When Vanraj is telling this to Anupama, Samar overhears their conversation and gets stunned.

Later we see Leela crying and begging Anupama not to send Vanraj to jail for pushing Anuj into the ditch.

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