Anupama 10th August 2022 Written Update: Worst Time For Anupama; Kavya Gets Interrogated


Anupama 10th August 2022 Written Update: Worst Time For Anupama; Kavya Gets Interrogated; Shocking News About Vanraj


Anupama Today Episode - Worst Time For Anupama; Kavya Gets Interrogated; Shocking News About Vanraj

At the beginning of today's Anupama 10th August 2022 episode, Anupama feels guilty about letting Anuj go alone to meet Vanraj.

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The doctors inform both the family members that the current condition of both Anuj and Vanraj is critical and unstable.

The doctor further states that the upcoming 48 hours are vital for them and that numerous surgery may be necessary.

Family members think that someone has cursed both of their families, and Leela and Kavya start crying on Anupama's shoulder.

In the Shah home, Dolly takes care of Kinjal and gives her the medicines while Pakhi, who is also scared and worried, holds a sleeping little Anu in her lap.

Later, Adhik arrives at the hospital and apologizes to Ankush for being late and that he had some urgent work to attend to.

Ankush feels suspicious and questions Adhik about the accident however Adhik denies any role in Anuj and Vanraj's accident.

Adhik further insists Ankush to call Barkha while Leela and Hasmukh cry and worry about the situation.

Meanwhile, Anupama is in the worst situation because Anuj is her everything while Vanraj is the father of her children. 

Hasmukh gets worried about Anupama while Anupama misses Anuj and looks at the photo she took while Anuj was sleeping.

Afterwards, Toshu requests Ankush to sign the declaration form for Anuj but Anupama stops Ankush.

Anupama says that she will sign the document and is confident that none of them will suffer any consequences.

Meanwhile, Samar tends to everyone's needs at the hospital.

In the meantime, Anupama explains to Ankush that Vanraj texted Anuj to talk to him while Ankush is still perplexed as to what actually happened.

Ankush questions Kavya if she was aware of it earlier because he recalls seeing her there on the cliff.

Everybody tries to solve the puzzle and asks Kavya to reveal the incident from her point of view.

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Meanwhile, Kavya remembers everything but feels reluctant to tell anyone.

Anupama confronts Kavay and also asks her to describe what she saw.

Leela and Toshu start a commotion and accuse Ankush in the meantime, but Anupama manages to calm everybody down.

Anupama says that Kavya is the only person who has seen it and she begs Kavay to tell them whatever she knows about the incident.

Kavya finally describes how she followed them and overheard them conversing as they stood at the edge of the cliff.

Just then, the doctor interrupts the nurse before Kavya can finish, ordering the nurse to call Dr Kumar and make arrangements for an injection for one of the patients.

Hearing this, the family members get puzzled and prays to god for their safety.

Hasmukh illustrates how uncertain life is, how content everyone was in the morning, and how one small incident can alter everyone's course through their experiences.

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Everyone agrees with Hasmukh's words that one should never take life for granted as nobody knows what surprises life has in store for one.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Shocking News About Vanraj

In the upcoming episode, we will see Anupama and Kavya cry for Anuj and Vanraj.

Later, the doctor comes outside with a shocking update about Vanraj Shah.

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