Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Twist: Ruhi's Smart Plan; Will Show Preesha The Truth


Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Twist: Ruhi's Smart Plan; Will Show Preesha The Truth


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Till now in Yeh Hai Chahatein, the police come to arrest Rudraksh and tells him that Preesha has filed a complaint against him. Just then the Thakur family and Preesha come there.

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Rudraksh and Armaan blame each other. Preesha defends Armaan and accuses Rudraksh of all the wrongdoings.

Preesha asks the police to put Rudraksh behind the bars. Right at that time, Saraansh gives Rudraksh's blood report to Rudraksh.

Rudraksh tells the police that he was drugged last night. He tells Preesha that he doesn't remember anything and it is someone else who is trying to trap him.

Police say that they cannot arrest Rudraksh as he has proved his innocence with this blood report and leaves from there.

Armaan is about to take Preesha away when Ruhi stops Preesha by holding her hand and calling her Mumma.

Such behaviour of Preesha breaks Rudra's heart and he is disappointed as he is unable to heal Preesha.

Every time he wants to do something good for her, it's just the opposite which creates more differences between them.

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Later, on the roadside, Ruhi pretends to be sad and crying, seeing her cry Pihu consoles her and decides to take her home so that she feels better.

Preesha pacifies and comforts Ruhi and says that she is angry with Rudra but not with her and she can come here anytime to meet her.

Rudra comes home and asks Sharda about the kids, while Sharda informs him that Saraansh is back while Ruhi has stayed for an extra class and will return after an hour.

Ruhi sees Kanchan talking to a servant who tells her that her gardener will return after a month and that's when a brilliant idea comes to her mind.

Ruhi comes back home and tells Rudra and Saraansh that the gardener in Armaan's house is on a month's leave. However, Rudra who is not as smart as Ruhi doesn't understand what Ruhi is trying to convey and asks what they have to do with it.

Ruhi tells Rudra that someone needs a new Gardner, so who will it be? Rudra!

Ruhi and Saraansh, the smartest and most savvy, put so much emphasis on their little mind to reconcile their parents and try to help Rudra in every way possible.

They are sure that they will bring Preesha and Rudra together and defeat Armaan and bring Preesha back to their home.

Later, Rudra dresses up as a gardener and actually looks very funny and reaches Armaan's house as per Ruhi's plan. However, Armaan gets irritated seeing the new gardener in his house.

Will Armaan find the truth that this gardener is none other than Rudra?

Will Preesha be able to regain her memory, know the truth about Armaan and accept Rudra's love?

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