Udaariyan 4th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine's evil plan to separate Fatejo; Fateh shocked

Udaariyan 4th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine's evil plan to separate Fatejo; Fateh shocked


At the beginning of today's episode, Jasmine intentionally drags Tejo with her and then falls in front of a car, making it look like Tejo has pushed her.

Some students see this and run to help her, and then they call Fateh, but Fateh does not pick up the call as he is busy with his practice.

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Virk and the Sandhu family learn about the accident and go to the hospital, while Gurpreet blames Tejo for the accident.

Fateh gets a call from Rupi about the accident and Fateh rushes toward the hospital.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet blames Tejo for the accident, when a student tells her that Tejo pushed Jasmine in front of a moving car.

Rupi and Satti also reach the hospital and argue with Gurpreet seeing her getting angry with Tejo, then Gurpreet says that she will make sure Tejo stays locked inside the house.

Then the doctor comes to Gurpreet and tells her that both Jasmine and her baby are fine, but they will be kept under observation for the next 12 hours.

Later, Gurpreet pulls up Tejo from the chair and creates a ruckus and insults her, Rupi and Satti fight with Gurpreet for Tejo.

Nimmo also accuses Tejo of intentionally harming Jasmine and her child.

Tejo gets frightened by all this and slips away from there, and then Fateh also reaches the hospital and stops the families from arguing.

He then learns that Tejo is missing and searches for her, Fateh sees Tejo hiding under a table in the hospital's storeroom.

The next day Fateh goes to Jasmine and asks her in front of everyone why did she take Tejo to the market?

However, Jasmine starts to get angry and puts all the blame on Tejo, and also threats to leave the house as no one cares for her and her child.

Fateh reminds Jasmine that everyone knows her true nature and warns her to stay away from Tejo.

Then, Lovely returns to the Sandhu house and Tejo calls her family saying that Lovely is back.

However, Lovely is rude to everyone saying that she has come here for Jasmine, as Jasmine has called her.

Just then Gurpreet and Nimmo also come there and together with Lovely tell everyone that Tejo deserves to stay in the mental asylum.

Nimmo and Gurpreet threaten to file a police complaint if Tejo is not sent to the mental asylum.

Episode Ends!

In the coming episode, Fateh asks Tejo why she went to the market with Jasmine.

Tejo tells that she had gone to meet him as he had called Jasmine for the same. Fateh gets shocked knowing this.

Jasmine secretly overhears their conversation and again starts plotting against Tejo and smirks at how Fateh will save Tejo this time.

Satti and Rupi are in the gurudwara with Tejo. Tejo gets a call and she happily runs out of the gurudwara. Satti gets worried after Tejo goes missing and informs Rupi about it.

On the other hand, Fateh gets a call and stands shocked.

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