Udaariyaan New Promo - Tejo Confesses Her Love To Fateh; Jasmine's New Conspiracy


Udaariyaan New Promo - Tejo Confesses Her Love To Fateh; Jasmine's New Conspiracy


Colors TV channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

So far we have seen that Tejo regains her memories and blames Fateh and Jasmine for the fire incident.

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Moreover, Tejo ruthlessly beats up Fateh with a stick for killing her child however Rupy stops her and reveals the truth that Angad was the real culprit.

Afterwards, Tejo refuses to accept her marriage with Fateh saying that she was not in her right state of mind and can't remember her wedding.

Meanwhile, Fateh threatens Jasmine to leave the city or else he will get her arrested for trying to kill Tejo.

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Jasmine becomes homeless after getting kicked out of the basement by Sweety's mother and turned into a thief for survival.

Now, the latest promo of Udaariyaan has brought some exciting twists to the story.

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Tejo Confesses Her Love To Fateh;  Jasmine's New Conspiracy

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Fateh encounters a deadly accident and narrowly escapes from there.

Seeing this, Tejo rushes toward Fateh and finally confesses her love to him as she fears losing him.

Hearing Tejo's confession, Fateh gets extremely happy and both of them hug each other.

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Just then, a Fakir baba comes there and tells Fateh and Tejo to always be together and asks them to be ready to deal with the upcoming mountain of trouble.

Meanwhile, Jasmine vows to ruin Fateh and Tejo for all the pain and humiliation that she has suffered because of them.

It will be really interesting to see what will happen now, will Fateh and Tejo be able to unite?

What will be Jasmine's new conspiracy against Fateh and Tejo?

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