Udaariyaan 9th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Plays Mind Games; Fateh Ruins Jasmine's Plan And Marries Tejo

Udaariyaan 9th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Plays Mind Games; Fateh Ruins Jasmine's Plan And Marries Tejo


Udaariyaan Written Update - Jasmine Plays Mind Games To Marry Fateh; Fateh Ruins Jasmine's Plan And Marries Tejo

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 9th July 2022 episode, the Sandhu family gets emotional and hugs Tejo while Jasmine smirks from upstairs.

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Fateh and Tejo bid the family goodbye and get on the bike to go to Sharan Aashram.

At the Sharan Aashram, everyone gets happy to see Tejo while Tejo runs to them and asks Amma about Billo and Kamal.

Amma informs Tejo that they have gone to the market while Tejo starts gushing about all the new toys and beautiful dresses she has gotten.

Meanwhile, Amma has a silent conversation with Fateh through her eyes and unties the Dupatta that is tying Tejo and Fateh together.

Afterwards, Amma scolds Fateh for taking Tejo with him in the first place and asks him to leave.

Meanwhile, the girls try to keep Tejo distracted so that she doesn't notice Fateh leaving.

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Later, when Tejo doesn't see Fateh anywhere, she thinks that he is playing hide and seek with her and walks around the place in order to find him.

However, Amma makes Tejo sit down and tells her that Fateh has gone for some important work and will be back in a while.

On the other hand, Fateh notices Tejo's doll in his car and gets emotional after which he stops at the usual tea stall to calm the storm in his mind.

At the Sandhu house, Jasmine invites a lady from the marriage bureau who gives her a file containing profiles of prospective grooms.

The family questions Jasmine about it but she just starts an emotional drama and says that she can't wait for Fateh anymore and that she knows Fateh loves Tejo only.

Lovely tells Jasmine to not worry as the Virk family will make Fateh marry her but Jasmine pretends to be sincere and leaves saying that she doesn't want to get married to him by force.

At the Sharan Aashram, Tejo refuses to eat without Fateh and tries to run away while the ladies and guards stop her.

Amma slaps Tejo in order to bring her out of her trance and hugs her while Tejo starts crying.

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Fateh feels helpless

Meanwhile, Fateh notices a man dropping off a puppy while a standby man looks upset and says that people are cruel to take an animal in for some time and abandon them when they can't handle them anymore.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Fateh Ruins Jasmine's Plan And Marries Tejo

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jasmine opens the door and gets shocked to see Fateh and Tejo in their marriage attire. 

Afterwards, Fateh tries to take Gurpreet’s blessing but she refuses and asks what kind of a joke is this. 

However, Fateh says that it’s not a joke and further declares that he and Tejo are married now. 

Jasmine looks at them angrily while Gurpreet cries with disappointment. 

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