Udaariyaan 7th July 2022 Written Update: Fateh feels helpless; while Tejo is sent to Mental Asylum

Udaariyaan 7th July 2022 Written Update: Fateh feels helpless; while Tejo is sent to Mental Asylum


In today's episode of Udaiyaan, Tejo is playing with her toys while her parents are in tears. Satti feeds Tejo with her own hands and cries.

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Rupi asks Fateh where did she find Tejo, Fateh tells him about the entire incident and also says that it could have been much worse if he had not reached there on time.

Gurpreet and Lovely talk among themselves that they have to take things seriously now as it has come under Tejo's safety.

Further, Fateh notices the picture of the man who kidnapped Tejo in the newspaper and is shocked to learn that he smuggles girls abroad.

He leaves angrily while Jasmine picks up the newspaper and pretends that Tejo could have been sold by the man.

At night, Tejo tells Fateh that they will meet his friends again but he gets angry at her saying that they were not his friends.

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Elsewhere, Lovely brings turmeric milk to Jasmine and tells her that she overheard Satti and Rupi discussing, sending Tejo to the mental hospital for her safety.

Rupi and Satti talk to Fateh and tell him that they are thinking of admitting Tejo to a mental hospital for his safety.

Fateh tries to convince them while Satti and Rupi tell him that they are just thinking about what is best for Tejo and leave the decision to him.

They leave while Fateh slowly looks at Tejo and remembers his moments with her.

Fateh goes home and talks to Khushbir who also advises that they should think with their mind and prioritize Tejo's safety.

Fateh leaves with tears in his eyes while Gurpreet comes to Khushbir and says that he did the right thing.

However, Khushbir warns her not to think of Tejo as a stone in Fateh's life.

Later, Fateh vents his emotions by punching the punching bag and shouting Tejo's name which shakes the entire family.

The next morning, the Sandhu family prepares for the picnic, while Fateh comes there and asks everyone to make the day the best with a loud voice.

Tejo thinks that Fateh is upset seeing her, makes a serious face and tries to cheer her up.

Tejo starts dancing like a monkey and Fateh tries to pacify her while Lovely questions Tejo's awkwardness.

Tejo apologizes to Fateh and she tells him if she is angry or upset with him.

Further, Tejo asks her to prove her sentence by smiling and Fateh shows her a fake smile hoping it will cover her sadness.

Later, Fateh tied his hand and Tejo's hand and ordered him not to go away from her for the whole day.

Tejo looks at Fateh after hearing the sadness in his voice but Fateh withdraws himself and takes him in the jeep so that they can start their journey for the picnic.

In the next episode of Udaariyan, Fateh and Tejo reach the picnic destination before anyone else while Jasmine is annoyed that she cannot sit with Fateh due to Tejo's tantrums.

Later, Tejo makes everyone dance with her on the picnic, while Fateh gets emotional thinking that it will take a long time to go with Tejo for picnics like this again in the future.

Meanwhile, Jasmine gets upset that Tejo is leaving while Lovely tells her to focus only on her pregnancy.

The next day, Fateh makes Tejo sit with him and asks him if she would like to come with him and meet Amma.

Tejo is immediately happy and says that she wants to meet her friends Billo and Kamal too.

Rupi and Satti start crying after learning that Fateh is making excuses to take Tejo to the Sharan Ashram and leave her there.

Tejo packs some of her clothes and goes to Sharan Ashram with Fateh.

Will Fateh really leave Tejo at the Sharan Ashram?

Or will Fateh lose his inner feelings for Tejo and bring him back with him against everyone's wishes?

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