Udaariyaan 30th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Traumatizes Tejo; Fateh Lashes Out At Jasmine

Udaariyaan 30th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Traumatizes Tejo; Fateh Lashes Out At Jasmine


Udaariyaan Written Update - Jasmine Traumatizes Tejo; Jasmine's Plan Backfires; Fateh Lashes Out At Jasmine

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 30th June 2022 episode, Tejo fights with Shanty for the ball and the rest of the toys.

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However, Shanty breaks the toys leading to Tejo getting angry and kicking him out of the room.

Tejo tries to fix the toys while remembering her and Fateh playing with them.

Meanwhile, Jasmine takes Shanty to the storeroom and leaves him there noticing the firecrackers by making an excuse that she's going to make something for him in the kitchen.

Tejo goes to the terrace and gets happy seeing that her toys are fixed while Shanty notices firecrackers and takes them to the terrace to take revenge on Tejo.

On the other hand, Jasmine goes to the hall and engages in conversation with the families to avoid their suspicion.

Shanty lights the firecrackers and scares Tejo to the extreme that she keeps shouting for help while she crying.

Meanwhile, Jasmine sees everything from the stairs and gets overjoyed.

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Afterwards, Jasmine goes back to the hall and dances with them while Tejo runs to her room and jumps on the bed shouting for Fateh with fear.

However, Tejo recalls the calming method Fateh taught her and closes her eyes while feeling like she's touching Fateh's face.

On the other side, Fateh gets the feeling that Tejo is in trouble and excuses himself from the meeting to call the Sandhu family.

Later, Jasmine goes to the maintenance room and switches off the meter of the house causing the electricity to go out.

Afterwards, Satti gives Jasmine a torch and tells her to take it to Tejo's room while the rest of the family members light candles around the house.

However, Jasmine takes a candle to Tejo's room and scares her to go downstairs while Tejo sees more candles and gets traumatised.

Tejo creates a commotion while Satti and Rupy try to calm her but one of the candles burns Shiny's dupatta.

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Meanwhile, Jasmine hides behind a wall and sees the chaos unravelling in front of her.

Shiny calls Tejo crazy and tells them to lock her in an asylum which infuriates Rupy.

Rupy marches up to Shiny and tells her to get out of the house however Lovely tries to stop Rupy while he warns that he will not hear even a single word against his daughter.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Jasmine's Plan Backfires; Fateh Lashes Out At Jasmine

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Faten asks who took the candle to Tejo’s room at which Dilraj takes Jasmine's name. 

Heating this, Satti asks Jasmine why she did that when she gave her the torch while Fateh asks Jasmine why she took the candle despite knowing Tejo’s condition. 

Jasmine gets scared and tries to make some excuse however Fateh gets angry and lashes out at Jasmine.

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