Udaariyaan 30th July 2022 Written Update: Virk Family Welcomes Fateh And Tejo; Fateh Fails To Expose Jasmine


Udaariyaan 30th July 2022 Written Update: Virk Family Welcomes Fateh And Tejo; Fateh Fails To Expose Jasmine


Udaariyaan Written Update - Virk Family Heartily Welcomes Fateh And Tejo; Fateh Fails To Expose Jasmine

At the start of today's Udaariyaan 30th July 2022 episode, the Virk family heartily welcomes Fateh and Tejo to the house.

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Everybody starts dancing and celebrates Fateh and Tejo's homecoming while the Sandhu family also arrives there.

Jasmine tells Gurpreet that she came as she wanted to wish Tejo good luck with her new life while Gurpreet tells Jasmine that she respects her decision to remarry and says that this house belongs to her too.

Meanwhile, Simran is about to reveal to Tejo about Fateh and Jasmine's marriage plan however Satti interrupts her and tells Tejo that Jasmine is planning to remarry for the sake of her baby.

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On the other hand, Fateh gets furious to see Jasmine and takes her aside and threatens to expose her cruel intentions to Tejo.

Fateh says to Jasmine that Tejo needs to know the truth or else she will use Tejo for her own benefit.

Meanwhile, Simran notices Fateh and Jasmine together and comes to them.

Fateh expresses his distrust towards Jasmine and is about to expose her when Jasmine pretends to be dizzy and Gurpreet gets worried and takes her to take a rest.

While Simran tries to calm Fateh down when Buzzo comes there and informs them that Candy is missing.

Hearing this, Simran starts panicking and everybody starts searching for Candy.

After a while, Fateh and Buzzo find Candy outside eating chocolates and he tells them that an unknown man gave him lots of chocolates.

Buzzo throws the basket of chocolates away while Tejo explains to Candy that he should never take anything from a stranger.

On the other side, Simran gets a call from a man and yells at him while asking about Candy's whereabouts.

The mystery man tells Simran that Candy is safe and warns her not to tell anyone about him or else he will get angry.

Just then, Fateh brings Candy inside and Simran scolds him for suddenly disappearing and Candy starts crying.

Afterwards, Fateh and Tejo play with Candy and spend some quality time together.

Later, Nimmo tells Tejo that Fateh likes kids a lot and asks Tejo to soon give them the good news.

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Tejo goes to the kitchen and starts crying while recalling the fire incident and the loss of her baby.

Satti comes there and consoles Tejo and asks her to forget about her past and start a new happy life with Fateh.

Later, Fateh and Tejo get shocked to see their bed decorated with flowers and Fateh apologises to her and offers to remove the flowers.

However, Tejo refuses while saying that Mahi put lots of effort to decorate it and tells Fateh that she needs some time to think about having kids.

Fateh says to Tejo that he understands her situation and asks her not to worry too much.

After that, Fateh suggests Tejo to play video games with him and both of them enjoy playing together.

Episode Ends!

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