Udaariyaan 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine's Devil plan to send Tejo to the mental hospital

Udaariyaan 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine's Devil plan to send Tejo to the mental hospital


At the beginning of today's episode, Tejo is seen playing carrom with the Virk family. Tejo wins the game and becomes very happy, then she suggests playing Antakshari and they all play Antakshari.

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In anger, both Abhiraj and Lovely are ready to leave the Sandhu House. Dadi begs them to stop leaving the house, but they are adamant about sending Tejo to the mental hospital.

Jasmine gets happy seeing this new drama in Sandhu House. Then she pretends to be nice and asks Rupi to stop them from leaving the house, while Rupi goes after them.

At Virk House, Gurpreet comes back and sees Tejo playing with her family. Seeing this Nimmo asks Gurpreet if Fateh has not brought her home forever?

Gurpreet angrily walks inside without meeting Tejo. Simran reminds Gurpreet of what Tejo had done for her and her family.

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Gurpreet says that she remembers everything, but she cannot let Fateh waste her life for Tejo. Simran requests Gurpreet to meet Tejo for her sake.

On the other hand in Sandhu House, both Lovely and Abhiraj do not stop despite the pleas of the entire family. Even Rupi does not stop them and keeps watching. While Jasmine pretends to be nice and tries to stop them.

But Abhiraj and Lovely leave from there. Jasmine gets very happy and tells herself that now Tejo will also leave the house.

Gurpreet comes out to meet Tejo, Fateh tells Tejo that she is his mother. Tejo tells Gurpreet that she is very beautiful and asks if she can give her a hug. Gurpreet nods yes and Tejo hugs Gurpreet.

Gurpreet gets emotional, while Fateh looks at them and smiles. Tejo makes Gurpreet sit beside her and then she puts her head on Gurpreet's lap and places her hand on her head.

On the other hand, Harman cries and says that he never thought that his family would be separated because of Tejo. Rupi apologizes and says that he can be his culprit, but not of Tejo.

Just then Tejo and Fateh return to the Sandhu house. Tejo happily tells Satti that she played with the Virk family and then she goes to her room.

Jasmine secretly overhears all this. Fateh asks Satti where is Jasmine? Satti says she is inside. Jasmine gets worried if Tejo has told him something about her.

Fateh tells Satti not to send Tejo out of the house with anyone other than him. He says that he doesn't know what it is, but something is triggering Tejo's mental attack.

Jasmine's devil plan to send Tejo to the mental hospital:-

Rupi and Satti see Tejo sleeping. They cry and discuss what happened in the house. Rupi says that he does not want to send Tejo to the mental hospital.

Satti says that Harman's family is falling apart because of Tejo and reminds him that they are also their family. Rupi leaves from there crying.

Jasmine overhears all this secretly and thinks of an evil plan to send Tejo to the mental hospital.

Jasmine pretends to talk to Fateh on the phone and says that she cannot bring Tejo, as Tejo does not like her. Tejo asks Jasmine what Fateh told her.

Jasmine lies that Fateh has asked her to bring her to the market to do the shopping for their wedding, but she refused, as Tejo doesn't like her. Tejo agrees to go to the market with her.

Jasmine tells her that their family will not allow her to go out with her, especially after what she did during Fateh's football match.

She also says that Lovely left the house because of her. She convinces Tejo to come outside with her without informing anyone.

Later, Jasmine and Tejo go to the clothes shop. Tejo looks for Fateh and asks Jasmine where is Fateh. Jasmine says he will come in a while. Then Jasmine goes to get ice cream for Tejo and then both eat ice cream.

Tejo again asks Jasmine where is Fateh. Jasmine says that Fateh is on the other side of the road. She asks Tejo to hold her hand to cross the road and Tejo holds her hand.

Jasmine starts crossing the road holding Tejo's hand. She sees a car approaching them. Jasmine pretends that Tejo has pushed her and falls in front of the car, while innocent Tejo gets shocked seeing this.

Episode Ended!

In the coming episodes, the Virk family learns that Jasmine has had an accident. Gurpreet blames Tejo for this and says that Tejo was with Jasmine, so she is responsible for this accident.

An angry Gurpreet reaches Sandhu's house and scolds Tejo a lot. She even tells Rupi that Tejo should be in the mental hospital, while everyone gets stunned to hear this.

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