Udaariyaan 23rd July 2022 Written Update: After knowing the truth, Tejo returns the mangalsutra to Fateh; Brakes her marriage with Fateh


Udaariyaan 23rd July 2022 Written Update: After knowing the truth, Tejo returns the mangalsutra to Fateh; Brakes her marriage with Fateh


In today's episode of the Udaariyaan serial, Fateh is thinking about Tejo, while Tejo also remembers Fateh's betrayal.

Tejo asks Satti why her room has been changed so much as if it is a small child's room. Rupi says that slowly she will come to know everything.

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Later Rupi and Satti talk about Jasmine and feel pity for her because every time anything happens to Fateh or Tejo, she is blamed.

On the other hand, Fateh is sitting outside Tejo's house and a car is speeding up, Fateh sees that a girl child is about to be hit. Fateh saves the girl by running and stopping the car.

Tejo sees all this from the balcony and remembers the time when Fateh broke off her engagement with her and killed her child by trying to burn her.

Tejo then angrily brings a stick from the house and goes in front of Fateh and starts beating him for no fault of his.

Rupi and other family members stop Tejo, while Tejo says that Fateh and Jasmine have killed her child.

Tejo says that Rupi had rightly said earlier that Fateh is not trustworthy and she hates him now.

Rupi takes Tejo inside the house and tells her that Angad Maan tried to kill her and he is also the one who killed her child.

Tejo refuses to believe Rupi's words and says that Angad considered her his best friend.

Rupi then informs Tejo about the entire incident that happened in London. Hearing this, Tejo gets stunned.

Rupi also tells Tejo that Fateh has also lost Amrik while catching Angad.

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Tejo is shocked to learn of Amrik's death and then Satti tells her that Fateh took care of her like a small child when she was unwell.

Satti tells that Fateh has done a lot for Tejo when she lost her memory and she will soon become a mother again by the grace of God.

Later, Satti treats Fateh's wounds inflicted by Tejo, but Fateh jokes about it and says that it is nothing.

Meanwhile, Jasmine calls Satti but Fateh picks up the phone. Fateh asks what is she doing at Sweety's house and asks her to stay away from him and Tejo's life.

In anger, Jasmine scolds Sweety and starts throwing things here and there.

Jasmine says that she will not give up and thinks of a plan to teach Fateh a lesson.

At the same time, Simmi gets a call from an unknown number who talks about her son and scares her. She then makes a video call to Fateh but he is unable to respond to the call.

Tejo remembers how she misbehaved with Fateh and gestures from her balcony and calls upstairs.

Fateh goes to Tejo and after a few moments of silence, he wipes her tears.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Tejo Brakes Her Marriage with Fateh

In the next episode of Udaariyaan, Gurpreet tells Tejo that she is married to Fateh.

Tejo takes out her mangalsutra and returns it to Fateh and apologises to him saying that she does not accept this marriage, while everyone is shocked to hear this.

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