Udaariyaan 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Confesses Her Crimes; Rupy Reveals The Name Of Real Culprit


Udaariyaan 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Confesses Her Crime; Rupy Reveals The Name Of Real Culprit


Udaariyaan Written Update - Jasmine Confesses Her Crime; Rupy Reveals The Name Of Real Culprit

At the start of today's Udaariyaan 22nd July 2022 episode, Fateh takes Jasmine to the same warehouse where she had left Tejo after setting a fire.

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Jasmine gets scared seeing Fateh's anger and keeps asking him what he is doing to her.

Fateh questions Jasmine as to who brought Tejo to this godown and left her by setting fire to the godown.

Angered by Fateh's constant accusations, Jasmine confesses that she was the one who brought Tejo to the warehouse as she cannot see Fateh and Tejo coming close again.

Enraged, Jasmine reveals that she intended to snatch him from Tejo and that is why she brought Tejo here to set her on fire. 

Fateh, who has recorded Jasmine's confession on his mobile phone, tells Jasmine to walk away from him and Tejo's life and also warns her never to show her face again, as he does not want their families to know about her real intentions.

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Later, Fateh goes to Sandhu House and eats half-cooked food prepared by Tejo, and gets lost in Tejo's nostalgia for when Tejo used to treat him nicely.

Then, Tejo returns home with the family and talks about the things she did nine months ago and forgets that nine months have already passed.

At the same time, Jasmine eats the food brought by Lovely and thinks of a new plan.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Jasmine Refuses To Give Up

Tejo scolds Fateh when he comes to meet her and starts beating him with a stick.

Later, Rupy tells Tejo that Angad is the real culprit who had tried to kill her.

On the other hand, Jasmine angrily says that she will not be afraid of Fateh anymore and will not give up easily.

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