Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update: Tejo Forgot Fateh's love; Fateh's Revenge Against Jasmine


Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update: Tejo Forgot Fateh's love; Fateh's Revenge Against Jasmine


Udaariyaan Written Update - Tejo Forgot Fateh's love; Fateh's Revenge Against Jasmine

At the start of today's Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 episode, the doctor tells Satti and Rupy that Tejo's memory is back, but Tejo has forgotten everything that happened since the last accident.

Then both Rupy and Satti run outside seeing the police taking Fateh away, the police inform them that Tejo herself has given a statement that Fateh had tried to set her on fire.

However, Rupy and Satti assure Fateh that they will talk to Tejo and clear all her doubts and also get him released.

From the police station, Fateh calls Khushbir and tells him that Tejo has regained her memory, but he is arrested by the police.

At the hospital, Satti and Rupy talk to Tejo and tell her how much Fateh has done for her in the last few months, how he fought with everyone for her and even went against the Virk family and also left his home for her.

Meanwhile, Fateh is sitting in jail recalling Tejo's old memories and assuring himself that Tejo will soon remember everything.

Tejo tells her parents that she is sure that she is not mistaking anything, as it was Fateh and Jasmine who killed her unborn baby when they tried to kill her by burning her in the fire. 

Tejo tells them that she was pregnant and Fateh's baby was in her womb, right at the same time the Virk family also reaches there and is shocked to hear about Tejo's pregnancy.

Gurpreet gets emotional and goes to Tejo and hugs her, and then Tejo faints.

At the Sandhu House, Jasmine learns that Tejo has regained her memory and becomes worried about her truth being exposed.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Satti cries saying that she is upset about how much Tejo had to go through and that she lost her child too.

At the police station, Khushbir frees Fateh from jail. Since the case was already investigated and Angad had confessed to his crime.

At Sandhu House, just as Jasmine is about to leave for the hospital, she gets a call from Rupy and learns that Tejo thinks she and Fateh had tried to kill her nine months ago.

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Udaariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Update

Rupy also tells Jasmine that Tejo doesn't remember anything after the first fire incident.

Hearing this, Jasmine cries pretending to be shocked and asks Lovely to go to the hospital and tell her what is happening there.

Meanwhile, Fateh reaches the hospital and is on his way to meet Tejo, but Rupy stops him and inquires if he knew about Tejo's pregnancy.

An emotional, Fateh explains the reason for hiding the truth from the family, that he knows very well the pain of losing his child, as he had lost his child and at the same time, he had lost Amrik too.

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Jasmine's Plan Backfires

That's why Fateh did not want to tell his family about two sad incidents, so he brought Tanya as Tejo so that everyone can bear the grief of Amrik's loss.

While talking, Fateh thinks that there has been an incident of fire again with Tejo at the same place, could Jasmine be behind all this.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Fateh Scares Jasmine

In the upcoming episode, we will see that an angry Fateh scares Jasmine with a torch of fire and asks her why she brought Tejo to this warehouse. Jasmine gets very scared seeing Fateh in anger holding a torch of fire in his hand.

The next day, Tejo is welcomed into the Sandhu House; at the same time, Fateh sees all this standing from afar.

Later, Satti tells Fateh that Tejo has regained her memory; but he still needs to give the test for his love for Tejo.

In response, Fateh says that Tejo's heart will tell her how much he loves her and that he can even wait for her for 7 lives.

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