Udaariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Update: Tejo Reveals The Pregnancy Truth; Fateh Threatens Jasmine With Fire


Udaariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Update: Tejo Reveals The Pregnancy Truth; Fateh Threatens Jasmine With Fire


Udaariyaan Written Update - Tejo Reveals The Pregnancy Truth; Fateh Threatens Jasmine With Fire

At the start of today's Udaariyaan 20th July 2022 episode, Fateh reaches the warehouse and sees that the police and some medical staff are rescuing an unconscious Tejo.

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Fateh tells the police that he is Tejo's husband, and then Fateh goes to the hospital along with Tejo.

On the other hand, Jasmine smiles happily while getting checked by a doctor at a clinic thinking that Tejo must be dead by now.

Jasmine then asks the doctor to contact her family to get sympathy from them.

The doctor calls Rupy and tells her about Jasmine, and asks him to come to the clinic quickly.

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On the other side of the story, Fateh asks the doctor about Tejo's health, the doctor informs him that Tejo is fine now but due to the accident, she is in shock.

Fateh sits next to Tejo and hopes for her recovery soon when Tejo slowly opens her eyes.

As soon as she opens her eyes she sees Fateh beside her and she pushes him away.

Fateh is stunned to see Tejo's strange behaviour and asks her what is the matter.

Tejo replies that she doesn't want to see Fateh's face as he and Jasmine had tried to kill her by burning her in the godown.

Upon hearing this, Fateh realizes that Tejo has regained her memory and tears of joy roll down from his eyes, then Tejo angrily points a scissor at Fateh and tells him to stay away from her.

Hearing Tejo's screams, the doctor comes in and asks Fateh to go out, as Tejo is behaving violently on seeing him.

Fateh informs Rupy and Satti about Tejo who is admitted to the City Hospital and again goes to meet Tejo, but the doctor stops him from meeting Tejo.

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At Virk House, Gurpreet promises Khushbeer that she will accept Tejo wholeheartedly, as she wants Fateh's happiness and cannot lose him.

Later, Tejo learns that she is no longer pregnant as nine months have passed since the godown accident. This makes Tejo even more furious at Fateh and tells the doctor to call the police as she wants to file a complaint against Fateh.

Fateh again goes to meet Tejo dressed as hospital staff and tries to explain everything to Tejo, but Tejo does not listen to him and starts shouting again in anger.

Right at that time, the police arrive there and nab Fateh on the charge of an attempt to murder made by Tejo. Fateh weeps and pleads and keeps saying that he is innocent, but no one listens to him.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Seeing the fire torch in Fateh's hand, Jasmine gets scared

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Tejo tells Rupy and Satti that she was pregnant with Fateh's child, but Fateh tried to burn her to death due to which she lost her child.

Hearing this, Sandhu and the Virk family get shocked.

On the other hand, an enraged Fateh scares Jasmine with a fire torch and questions her as to why she brought Tejo to this godown.

Seeing an angry Fateh with a fire torch in his hand, Jasmine gets super scared.

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